Tips to ward off this win­ter’s ail­ments

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Now is a good time to start think­ing about how to keep your­self and fam­ily healthy this win­ter.

Auck­land Re­gional Pub­lic Health Ser­vice’s top 10 well­ness tips for win­ter aim to help you spend your time do­ing the things you en­joy, in­stead of stay­ing at home and feel­ing un­well.

Flu vac­ci­na­tion – ev­ery­one will be bet­ter off if they have the flu vac­cine as it will help stop the spread of flu. Visit fight­ and im­mune. for more in­for­ma­tion. Wash­ing hands – win­ter ill­nesses are eas­ily spread by our hands. So re­mem­ber to wash your hands reg­u­larly and cor­rectly.

Ex­er­cise daily – a 30-minute walk out­side each day gives you some fresh air and helps your body get stronger to fight off win­ter colds and flu.

Eat healthy – eat­ing a healthy diet helps build your im­mune sys­tem and keeps you feel­ing and look­ing well. Make healthy choices by en­joy­ing a good se­lec­tion of fresh veg­eta­bles with some lean pro­tein and try to re­duce sugar and salt. Visit for healthy food ideas.

Fresh air in your home – mak­ing sure your home is well aired helps keep your home dry and your fam­ily well.

Damp­ness – a sim­ple tip like keep­ing the bath­room door closed when show­er­ing or bathing can lessen damp­ness set­tling around the house. Too much damp­ness al­lows mould and mildew to grow and can lead to res­pi­ra­tory ill­ness.

De­hu­mid­i­fier – if pos­si­ble use a de­hu­mid­i­fier in your home. It can help keep your home dry, es­pe­cially if there is a lot of mois­ture.

Coughs and sneez­ing – if you are cough­ing or sneez­ing then you may be spread­ing bugs. The best way to avoid this is to stay away from work or school. Also make sure you don’t cough and sneeze around ba­bies and small chil­dren. Be­cause of their de­vel­op­ing im­mune sys­tems they can get sick very eas­ily.

Quit smok­ing – if you do smoke then do so out­side and away from en­closed spa­ces. Never smoke around chil­dren. If you want to stop smok­ing visit for sup­port.

Health ad­vice is only a phone call away – if you or your child is feel­ing un­well you can get free health ad­vice from trained reg­is­tered nurses by phon­ing Health Line, a 24-hour ser­vice on 0800 611 116.

No germs: Wash your hands reg­u­larly to stop the spread of germs.

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