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I en­joyed your ar­ti­cle on the clo­sure of the Mt Eden sum­mit to cars ( Cen­tral Leader, De­cem­ber 10).

There is a shut­tle run by some lo­cal Maori from a car park at the bot­tom but this only runs Mon­day to Fri­day.

Would be bet­ter to run dur­ing week­ends also.

When­ever we have vis­i­tors (most of my friends are the same) we like to drive to the top and walk to the plinth part and take in the view.

As we can have vis­i­tors any time of the year, some­times we don’t get out of the car as the wind is too cold and a view­ing is pos­si­ble from the car.

I would sug­gest this is a push by the gree­nie-love-my­moun­tain peo­ple who think they own the moun­tain and any ecol­ogy.

There is no more of a prob­lem with kids be­ing run over there than there is in any street in Auck­land – after all it is up to the par­ents to su­per­vise.

I have never seen ‘hoons’ up there and ob­vi­ously if it is after dark the gate should be shut as surely the rea­son for go­ing up is the view.

There is not enough space at the bot­tom for car park­ing and no surveil­lance, so why leave your car there?

Auck­land’s weather is not con­ducive to walk­ing up all year round.

There is tons of space on the moun­tain for peo­ple to wan­der all over it.

And be­cause the cars can only be on the road, I can’t swal­low the ar­gu­ment of traf­fic prob­lems, no green space, etc.

It’s not the cars crawl­ing all over the moun­tain after all!

Where are the com­plaints that have led to this re­view?

There aren’t any of course as this is another bu­reau­cratic at­tempt to con­trol the peo­ple of Auck­land – who are the ratepay­ers after all – with no rel­e­vant ar­gu­ment.

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