Work with com­mu­nity: Ran­dall


‘‘It is a priv­i­lege to serve, es­pe­cially the com­mu­nity I was born and raised in. ’’

The new Maun­gakiekie-Tamaki Lo­cal Board mem­bers have a lot of work cut out for them when they take up of­fice next month.

Who bet­ter to know this than out­go­ing chair­man Si­mon Ran­dall. He has served on the lo­cal board for six years, four of that as its chair.

Ran­dall says the area is chang­ing rapidly with three big projects - Tamaki Re­de­vel­op­ment, East­West Link and the Uni­tary Plan - cur­rently un­der way.

‘‘The area is chang­ing in terms of eth­nic­ity, age, and so­cioe­co­nomic sta­tus and this has a huge im­pact in the fa­cil­i­ties, ser­vices and pro­grammes the lo­cal board funds and gov­erns,’’ Ran­dall says.

‘‘There is a need to in­vest to sup­port growth with big fund­ing con­straints.

‘‘With the Tamaki Re­gen­er­a­tion and the Uni­tary Plan, our area is likely to see big growth but in­vest­ment in the area by coun­cil into things such as li­braries, parks, and other as­sets is un­likely to fully sup­port this growth.’’

The 34-year-old adds the new board needs to form stronger part­ner­ships with the com­mu­nity in order to sup­port this growth.

‘‘It has taken the last six years to get every­thing work­ing, and now there is a real op­por­tu­nity to achieve even more by work­ing closer with the com­mu­nity across all that the board de­liv­ers.’’

Ran­dall says he has been priv­i­leged to serve the com­mu­nity. He ad­vises the new board to en­joy their roles, the same ad­vice he would have given to his younger self when he first started out.

‘‘I would have told my­self to en­joy it more, some­times the de­mands of the role can make you lose sight of the great bits of the role.

‘‘You get such a priv­i­leged view of our com­mu­nity at its best. It is a priv­i­lege to serve, es­pe­cially the com­mu­nity I was born and raised in, but this is a full-on role that can def­i­nitely have an im­pact on the rest of your life.’’

Ran­dall can con­firm that he doesn’t plan to re­turn to pol­i­tics at this stage, but he doesn’t rule this out in the fu­ture.

‘‘I would like to see peo­ple of my gen­er­a­tion be­ing able to ac­cess a range of good qual­ity hous­ing that they can af­ford.

‘‘I am keen to see the health of our rivers and har­bours im­proved. I am keen to see our young peo­ple bet­ter make the tran­si­tion be­tween ed­u­ca­tion and em­ploy­ment.’’

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