City cy­cle link short on sig­nage


More sig­nage is re­quired to di­rect cy­clists along a short but im­por­tant Auck­land city cy­cle­way.

The $7.1 mil­lion Beach Rd cy­cle­way con­nects in­ner city cy­clists trav­el­ling from the wa­ter­front up to Grafton Gully and into the city.

The con­nec­tion with the Quay St cy­cle­way makes it pos­si­ble to ride from the ferry ter­mi­nal to Hen­der­son via the North­west­ern cy­cle­way. Since it opened in 2015 109,086 cy­clists have used the two way, 1.5 kilo­me­tre route.

I rate this cy­cle­way 9/10 be­cause it is a safe, se­cure and well con­structed route, how­ever sig­nage could be im­proved.

The cy­cle­way is phys­i­cally sep­a­rate from traf­fic by raised kerbs. It is lo­cated in a high density area with pedes­tri­ans, cars and bi­cy­cles us­ing the space lead­ing in and out the CBD.

The route starts at the end of the Quay St cy­cle­way on Auck­land’s wa­ter­front near Brit­o­mart. It crosses Quay St, onto Ta­pora St then Mahuhu Cres. From here it is pos­si­ble to take a left or right hand turn onto Beach Rd. The right hand turn will take you along Beach Rd to­ward the city cen­tre and Brit­o­mart. By turn­ing left from Mahuhu Cres onto Beach Rd the cy­cle­way leads to and ends at the be­gin­ning of the Grafton Gully cy­cle­way on Churchill St.

A rea­son­able amount of guess work is needed in the first sec­tion of the cy­cle route due to limited signs.

Along the route there is a mix of in­ter­sec­tions, ei­ther cy­cle sig­nal con­trolled or unsignaled and un­marked in­ter­sec­tions. I saw very few cy­clists ad­here to stop sig­nals, in­stead choos­ing to ride through red sig­nal lights, putting other users of the space at risk.

The cy­cle­way sep­a­rates bikes and walk­ers, but dur­ing the re­view ride, some walk­ers walked along or stepped across the cy­cling des­ig­nated cy­cle­way adding to the risk of col­li­sion. Some cy­clists were trav­el­ling at speed on the road in pref­er­ence to us­ing the cy­cle­way. Care should be taken at all times on this ride be­cause there are sec­tions where ve­hi­cles can turn off the road and across the cy­cle­way into drive­ways.

When the Nel­son St cy­cle­way is com­pleted this year it will con­nect with the Quay St cy­cle­way that con­nects on to the Beach Rd cy­cle­way, form­ing the fi­nal link in the city cen­tre cy­cle loop mak­ing it pos­si­ble to ride around the in­ner city.


Stuff re­porter Mary Fitzger­ald says the Beach Rd cy­cle­way sig­nage needs im­prove­ment.

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