Man sell­ing sa­tanic dig­its


A Kiwi with an ob­ses­sion for the Devil’s num­ber is sell­ing his sa­tanic num­ber plate. The price? $66,666 ob­vi­ously. But it doesn’t stop there.

Welling­ton’s David Black­more has been amass­ing things sport­ing the num­bers ‘‘666’’ for 30 years, is now the whole col­lec­tion.

A phone num­ber, web­site name and a PO Box num­ber, all fea­tur­ing the num­ber of the beast, are also . And no, it isn’t be­cause he has found God.

‘‘I’ve even looked un­der the cup­board the stairs, he wasn’t un­der there ei­ther,’’ Black­more quipped.

The mul­ti­mil­lion­aire prop­erty de­vel­oper is leav­ing New Zealand for good, in favour of Aus­tralia’s sunny Gold Coast.

‘‘I’m go­ing to spend the rest of my life sit­ting back and en­joy­ing it rather than par­tic­i­pat­ing in the ra­trace any longer – I’ll leave that to the rats.’’

When asked if he would start up the 666 col­lec­tion in Aus­tralia also he said: ‘‘Prob­a­bly.’’

But Black­more’s pas­sion for the devil’s num­ber isn’t bib­li­cal, nor does he wor­ship the Devil.

‘‘I just like num­bers – it’s all about hav­ing fun. Num­bers are just num­bers, in China, triple six is ac­tu­ally a very lucky num­ber, sec­ond only to 888 of course.’’

He said it all started when he couldn’t get his favourite race num­ber in a car race he was en­ter­ing.

‘‘Be­lieve it or not, my favourite num­ber is 13. I was borne on the 13th, and turned 13 years old on Fri­day the 13th. They said 13 was taken ‘but that’s an un­lucky num­ber, the next un­lucky num­ber we have is 666’, so I took it – and that’s how Team Satan rac­ing came to be.’’

And from there, col­lect­ing as­sets bear­ing the sa­tanic brand be­came some­thing of a sport. He got the num­ber plate 66666 in 1988, when per­son­alised plates first came out, and is now ask­ing $66,000 for it.

That year he brought 1000 per­son­alised num­ber plates for un­der $300 each – and has been sell­ing them off ever since. The high­est price fetched for a plate was $75,000 for ‘‘WW’’.

He got the phone num­ber 021 666 666 about 20 years ago, off a woman who wanted $10,000 for it: ‘‘So nat­u­rally I paid $6666for it.’’

He got the web­site do­main name about 10 years ago, for less than $100 per year for the reg­is­tra­tion. A friend gave him the 666 Auck­land postal box ad­dress, to com­ple­ment his col­lec­tion, about 10 years ago.


Black­more has been rac­ing cars for more than 30 years.

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