Can­di­dates heat up over Maun­gakiekie

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Things got heated as can­di­dates for one of Auck­land’s most hotly con­tested elec­torates called each other out one last time.

Maun­gakiekie’s three front run­ners, Na­tional can­di­date and Auck­land coun­cil­lor Denise Lee, Labour can­di­date and for­mer pol­icy an­a­lyst Priyanca Rad­hakr­ish­nan and Green can­di­date Chloe Swar­brick, who came third in the Auck­land may­oralty race last year, sat down with on Mon­day for their fi­nal de­bate be­fore the gen­eral elec­tion on Satur­day.

The three dis­cussed Maun­gakiekie and the big is­sues fac­ing the elec­torate - hous­ing, trans­port, taxes and cli­mate change. The full de­bate can be found on our Face­book page.

Rad­hakr­ish­nan, who is ranked 12 for Labour and Swar­brick, ranked seven for Greens, clashed with Lee, who is ranked at 63 for Na­tional.

On trans­port Swar­brick said mas­sive pro­posed road­ing project the East West Link was a ‘‘waste of money’’, while Rad­hakr­ish­nan said it would be scaled back un­der a Labour gov­ern­ment.

Lee said with traf­fic slow­ing down industry in Pen­rose and One­hunga the East West Link was nec­es­sary.

‘‘There’s noth­ing silly about the en­gine room of New Zealand’s econ­omy,’’ Lee said.

All three can­di­dates agreed hous­ing was an is­sue for Maun­gakiekie.

Na­tional’s fail­ure to in­su­late homes had led to the hos­pi­talis- ation of 40,000 chil­dren a year be­cause of pre­ventable res­pi­ra­tory ill­nesses, Rad­hakr­ish­nan said.

Labour would build af­ford­able hous­ing on sur­plus Crown land, and bol­ster rent­ing rights, in­clud­ing get­ting rid of let­ting fees, Rad­hakr­ish­nan said. commodities and in­stead start see­ing houses as homes.’’

On cli­mate change, Na­tional had made progress, in­clud­ing sign­ing up to the Paris Ac­cord, Lee said.

How­ever, this meant noth­ing be­cause it wasn’t en­trenched into do­mes­tic law, Swar­brick said.


Na­tional can­di­date Denise Lee says with traf­fic slow­ing down industry in Pen­rose and One­hunga the East West Link is nec­es­sary.

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