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A Cen­tral Hawke’s Bay woman who chooses the same Lotto num­bers each week is thank­ing her lucky stars she planned ahead.

The Waipuku­rau woman won $333,333 in Lotto First Di­vi­sion with a Mul­tidraw ticket.

The woman, who wishes to re­main anony­mous, plays the same lucky num­bers each Satur­day.

“I play the same num­bers every Satur­day. Each num­ber is spe­cial and has some sig­nif­i­cance — they’re birth­dates, birth­day months… that kind of thing,” the win­ner said.

But with a mid-win­ter hol­i­day planned, she en­sured she had a ticket sorted for while she was away, just in case her num­bers came up.

“I had a wee hol­i­day planned, so de­cided to pick up a Mul­tidraw ticket so I wouldn’t miss a Satur­day draw — you know, just in case my num­bers came up,” the woman laughed.

It wasn’t un­til the woman checked her lucky ticket at her lo­cal Lotto store that she re­alised just how lucky that de­ci­sion had been.

“I never bother check­ing my tick­ets un­til I visit a Lotto store — it’s all part of the fun,” she said. “As the woman at the counter checked my ticket, she joked that I might be a big win­ner. I told her ‘don’t be silly — I never win any­thing like that’ — then the ter­mi­nal made a win­ning sound, so I thought I’d won a cou­ple of bucks. Then the Lotto lady told me to come with her into the back room — I thought she was jok­ing at first, I wasn’t sure what was go­ing on.

“She sat me down and then told me the good news and gave me a big hug — she prob­a­bly didn’t want me to pass out,” laughed the woman. “I know I’ve won, but it’s just so crazy to say ‘I’m a Lotto win­ner’ . . . it still doesn’t feel real. All I know is that I feel very, very lucky.”

The win­ning ticket was sold at Pa­per Plus Waipuku­rau for the Lotto draw on Satur­day, Au­gust 25. The win­ning ticket was one of three around the coun­try that shared Satur­day’s $1 mil­lion Lotto jack­pot.

Donna Barr, who has worked at Pa­per Plus Waipuku­rau for five years, said it was the big­gest win­ning ticket she had ever sold.

“$10,000 is the big­gest I’ve sold be­fore, so it was a buzz.

“It couldn’t have gone to a nicer per­son, re­ally.

“I said to her ‘oh, have you bought the win­ning ticket?’, and she goes ‘don’t be stupid Donna’. But then we popped it into the ma­chine and it was $333,333.

“So I said ‘best you come with me and sit down’ and then when we got to the of­fice I said ‘give us a hug — I want some of that luck’!”

When asked what it felt like to sell a win­ning ticket for that much money, Barr grinned:

“It was al­most as good as win­ning it [Lotto] — but not quite!”


Donna Barr, who has worked at Pa­per Plus Waipuku­rau for five years, said sell­ing the win­ning $333,333 ticket made her feel al­most like she had won Lotto her­self — “but not quite”.

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