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■ Ruahine Small­bore Tar­get Shoot­ing Club re­sults Septem­ber 5 Mas­ter Grade: Chris Har­ri­son 197.12; Luke Sigvert­sen 195.10, 100.7, 98.4;

C Grade: Leon Oliver 94.3, 96.4; Ken Bald­win 180.3; John Hob­son 96.5, 97.3; Ge­off Mal­colm 98.4; D Grade: Ross Hill-Ren­nie 176.2, 89.1;

Rested Ri­fle: Lu­cas 75.2, 89.1; Sam 46.2; Ken­drick 92.1.

■ Po­ran­ga­hau Ladies’ Golf re­sults Septem­ber 3. 3rd Sta­ble­ford: 1st May­morn Hynes (39), 2nd Mar­i­lyn For­rest (37), 3rd equal Chris Stod­dart and Jan Saun­ders (36) Ap­proaches:

AMP Leith Mackie CHB : Mar­i­lyn For­rest Po­ran­ga­hau Garage 2017: Jane Hunter

Fence on Fenc­ing: Mar­i­lyn For­rest.

■ Septem­ber 2 shootout: 1st Polly Stod­dart, 2nd Mar­i­lyn For­rest, 3rd Chris Stod­dart

■ Waipawa Golf Club re­sults Septem­ber 2 Sta­ble­ford round: Roger Mole 39, Wil­lie Jensen 37 Wal­ter Scott 37 Ladies: Nikki Gal­braithe 28

Two’s: (jack­pot] Wil­lie Mor­ris

Hast­ing’s Golf Cen­tre Cross­ing: Paul Owen Paul Owen the Is­land: Wil­lie Mor­ris McKay Mackie the Pah Dan Mi­ratana Waipawa Four Square Rail­way: Wil­lie Mor­ris Kitchens and Moore Sun­set : Paul Owen

■ Waipuku­rau Bowls Club re­sults Septem­ber 3 Open tour­na­ment: 1st I. Bun­dle, A. Men­zies (2 wins, +11 pts); 2nd G. Allerby, B. Judd (2W, +9); 3rd J. Daw­son, M. James (2W; +5) Best Last Game: P. Sag­gers, M. Sut­ton (1W, +15)

Lucky Team: G. Withey, D. Ormsby.

■ On­gaonga Golf Club re­sults Septem­ber 2 Twos: Ce­fyn Gau­den Ap­proaches Spicers 2-11 Ju­nior: Trevor McDon­nell Leopard Ho­tel 2-11: Ben Swin­burne Hast­ings Golf Cen­tre 6-15: Ce­fyn Gau­den Farm­lands 7-16 Ju­nior: Brendan Mackey Craig Sergeant Fenc­ing 9-18 Se­nior: An­gus Har­ri­son Sta­ble­ford

37 An­gus Har­ri­son , Noel Hin­ton

36 David Inglis , John Swin­burne

Ju­nior Ball Win­ner: Peter Kroot 87-15-72 Se­nior Ball Win­ner:An­gus Har­ri­son 74-4-70

Best gross: Ben Swin­burne 73

■ Waipuku­rau Golf Club re­sults Septem­ber 1 Ap­proaches: Kevin Pike and Raj Sel­varaj. Twos: John Armstrong. Com­pe­ti­tion: Richard Hal­dane (41 points), John Armstrong (37) and Lon An­der­son (36)

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