In­tel­li­gent vi­bra­tion switch – sim­ply smart

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The iFm in­tel­li­gent vi­bra­tion switch fea­tures an ana­logue out­put switch that shows mon­i­tor­ing, dis­play and record­ing of vi­bra­tion data in one com­pressed field unit. The prod­uct also pro­vides a con­ve­nient in­stal­la­tion us­ing its push­but­tons for pa­ram­e­ter set­tings.

Fur­ther­more, the switch ex­hibits an on-board time stamped his­tory task for pre­cise data gath­er­ing. For its func­tion, the prod­uct’s oc­tavis tech­nol­ogy is of­ten used in the mo­bile depart­ment and this sen­sor is used to mea­sure the av­er­age vi­bra­tion ve­loc­ity in units of mm/s or inch/s.

Mea­sure­ment value and switch­point con­di­tions are vi­su­alised on the LED dis­play. Crit­i­cal ma­chine con­di­tions are sig­nalled us­ing ei­ther two switch­ing out­puts or al­ter­na­tively one switch­ing and one ana­logue out­put.

Ad­di­tion­ally the op­er­a­tor can use the ana­logue in­put to mon­i­tor a fur­ther process value e.g. tem­per­a­ture. Al­ter­na­tively the unit can be pow­ered us­ing the in­te­grated USB in­ter­face pro­vid­ing the op­tion of us­ing the VN as a hand-held de­vice.

The VNB001 is the first mem­ber of a new se­ries of com­pact vi­bra­tion sen­sors. It is used for on­line mon­i­tor­ing of over­all vi­bra­tion of ma­chines and equip­ment ac­cord­ing to ISO 10816. This unit is dis­tin­guished by its sim­ple setup, re­quir­ing no PC soft­ware for pa­ram­e­ter set­ting.

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