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With its lat­est in­ven­tion, Gelita AG is paving the way for the pro­duc­tion of high-per­for­mance, oil-free cool­ing lu­bri­cants, which are com­pletely free from al­ler­gens and toxic sub­stances.

In­stead of con­ven­tional oil, func­tional pro­teins en­sure that metal-pro­cess­ing can be car­ried out smoothly. A fur­ther ad­van­tage is that un­wanted oily residues are avoided.

In the metal-pro­cess­ing in­dus­try, cool­ing lu­bri­cants are in­dis­pens­able for pro­tect­ing work pieces and tools against wear and over­heat­ing dur­ing lath­ing, drilling, milling or grind­ing. Con­ven­tional cool­ing lu­bri­cants there­fore con­sist of an oil-in-wa­ter emul­sion – the oil is used for lu­bri­ca­tion and the wa­ter for cool­ing.

The dis­ad­van­tage is that the oil does not dis­si­pate any heat, thus pre­vent­ing the pro­duced heat from be­ing ef­fec­tively trans­ported away from the work piece. In ad­di­tion, dur­ing met­al­pro­cess­ing, an oil mist that is harm­ful to health can be pro­duced.

Dis­pos­ing of the cool­ing lubri­cant is ex­pen­sive and, not least, oil re­sources are fi­nite so that, due to the in­creas­ing scarcity of raw ma­te­ri­als, they are sub­ject to con­stant price in­creases.

In Europe alone, ap­prox­i­mately 320,000 tons of metal-pro­cess­ing lu­bri­cat­ing con­cen­trates are con­sumed each year. Gelita ex­perts have al­ready been re­search­ing al­ter­na­tives for four years.

To­gether with a well-known au­to­mo­tive part sup­plier and a lo­cal in­dus­trial col­lege in Eber­bach, Gelita sci­en­tists have de­vel­oped an in­no­va­tive raw ma­te­rial for a new gen­er­a­tion of oil-free cool­ing lu­bri­cants: the liq­uid pro­tein con­cen­trate Novotec CL 800.

“Metal-pro­cess­ing flu­ids based on this func­tional pro­tein look like wa­ter, per­form bet­ter than oil and show sig­nif­i­cantly bet­ter cool­ing than min­eral-oil based prod­ucts as they are much more sta­ble than an oil emul­sion,” ex­plains Dr Matthias Reih­mann, Prod­uct Man­ager for pho­to­graphic and tech­ni­cal gelatines. This was demon­strated in a com­par­a­tive test with a ref­er­ence recipe us­ing de­vices to mea­sure the pres­sure sta­bil­ity of the lu­bri­cat­ing film (Re­ichert Wear Test). An ad­di­tional 15-month field test con­firmed rou­tine per­for­mance and ag­ing sta­bil­ity. While de­vel­op­ing the ref­er­ence recipe, Gelita worked to­gether with two ex­pe­ri­enced Ger­man com­pa­nies in the area of high-per­for­mance ad­di­tives and pre­serv­ing agents for cool­ing lu­bri­cants.

Ad­van­tage com­pared with oil-free poly­mer-based cool­ing lu­bri­cants:

Metal-pro­cess­ing f lu­ids based on Novotec CL 800 also have an ad­van­tage com­pared with oil-free poly­mer-based cool­ing lu­bri­cants: they leave no un­wanted residues on work pieces, tools or shav­ings. Pro­cessed parts can thus be used for fur­ther pro­duc­tion, such as bond­ing, weld­ing, paint­ing or coat­ing, with­out the need for in­ten­sive clean­ing. The shav­ings that are pro­duced can also be di­rectly pro­cessed. This re­duces costs and in­creases the ef­fi­ciency of pro­duc­tion. More­over, Novotec CL 800 is eco­log­i­cally degrad­able and free of al­ler­gens and pol­lu­tants. The Gelita pro­tein con­cen­trate is suit­able for the pro­duc­tion of en­vi­ron­men­tally friendly cool­ing lu­bri­cants for all mod­ern pro­duc­tion pro­ce­dures.

In prac­tice

Gelita ini­tially tested the de­vel­op­ment of the pro­tein-based sub­stance for prac­ti­ca­bil­ity in its own work­shops in Eber­bach, Min­den and Mem­min­gen. Nu­mer­ous cool­ing lubri­cant pro­duc­ers are cur­rently test­ing how the pro­tein so­lu­tion works for use in their own prod­ucts. In close col­lab­o­ra­tion with Gelita de­vel­op­ers, the com­po­nents are be­ing in­te­grated into spe­cific recipes. Volker Sig­mund, Head of Main­te­nance in Eber­bach, is op­ti­mistic: “The key ad­van­tages are ob­vi­ous – Novotec CL 800 is bi­o­log­i­cally degrad­able and does not form an an­noy­ing oil film on the pro­cessed sur­face, and all that with bet­ter cool­ing lubri­cant per­for­mance. A truly clean so­lu­tion.”

Source: Gelita AG

Looks like wa­ter, per­forms bet­ter than oil and en­ables the man­u­fac­ture of en­vi­ron­men­tally friendly cool­ing lu­bri­cants: Novotec CL 800

Source: Gelita AG

Three test rollers used in lu­bri­ca­tion tests for abra­sive wear (Re­ichert): Left, lu­bri­cated with wa­ter; cen­tre, us­ing a stan­dard cool­ing lubri­cant; right, with Novotec CL 800 (five per cent in each).

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