Re­mov­ing En­trained Air & Dirt from Heat Trans­fer Sys­tems

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The pur­pose of flu­ids in heat­ing and cool­ing sys­tems is to trans­port heat or cold to where it is needed. The op­ti­mum con­di­tions for this are a well-de­signed, clean sys­tem with fluid that con­tains as lit­tle air and dirt as pos­si­ble. If air and dirt are not re­moved or are not re­moved suf­fi­ciently, all sorts of hin­drances and prob­lems can arise. Th­ese can in­clude an­noy­ing noises, the need for reg­u­lar man­ual vent­ing, re­duced pump per­for­mance, sys­tem im­bal­ance, un­nec­es­sary mal­func­tions, ex­ces­sive wear and higher en­ergy con­sump­tion.

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