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One might think that two bear­ings of the same size with the same dy­namic load rat­ing should per­form equally well in a given ap­pli­ca­tion. In re­al­ity, they of­ten do not.

The rea­son? Bear­ing per­for­mance un­der ac­tual op­er­at­ing con­di­tions is im­pacted by not only the dy­namic load rat­ing (C), but far more by the bear­ing’s inherent de­sign and qual­ity: ev­ery­thing from the sur­face fin­ish of the race­ways to the ef­fec­tive­ness of seal­ing and lu­bri­ca­tion. The SKF En­Com­pass Field Per­for­mance Pro­gramme ad­dresses this is­sue. By fo­cus­ing on bear­ing de­sign op­ti­mi­sa­tion and more de­tailed anal­y­sis of the fac­tors in­flu­enc­ing bear­ing ser­vice life, the pro­gramme will help to meet real-world ap­pli­ca­tion con­di­tions. As part of this pro­gramme, SKF is in­tro­duc­ing new prod­ucts, new knowl­edge and soft­ware tools to give you a field ad­van­tage – what­ever your ap­pli­ca­tion.

New bear­ing life model

Un­der­stand­ing and ad­dress­ing the fac­tors that cause bear­ing fail­ure, is crit­i­cal to de­sign­ing bear­ings that can per­form as ex­pected un­der field con­di­tions. SKF has suc­cess­fully in­te­grated this knowl­edge into a new rolling bear­ing life cal­cu­la­tion, called the SKF Gen­er­alised Bear­ing Life Model which in­cludes more real life pa­ram­e­ters such as lu­bri­ca­tion, con­tam­i­na­tion and sur­face dis­tress. By en­com­pass­ing more pa­ram­e­ters, the new model pro­vides in­sight into the cal­cu­la­tion of bear­ing rat­ing life. The re­sult is a sig­nif­i­cantly im­proved guide for se­lect­ing bear­ings for op­ti­mum re­li­a­bil­ity and pro­duc­tiv­ity in the field.

New SKF cal­cu­la­tion tools

As part of the SKF En­Com­pass pro­gramme, SKF is also in­tro­duc­ing new ad­vanced cal­cu­la­tion tools, called SimPro Quick and SimPro Ex­pert which will be launched to our cus­tomers in late 2016. With th­ese pro­pri­etary soft­ware pro­grams, cus­tomers can se­lect bear­ings and fine-tune ma­chine de­signs for op­ti­mal field per­for­mance based on their re­quire­ments. Both soft­ware tools en­able en­gi­neers to con­sider the shaft, hous­ing, bear­ings, ex­ter­nal forces and gear loads.

Prod­ucts in SKF field per­for­mance pro­gramme

Ex­am­ples of prod­ucts de­vel­oped as a part of the field per­for­mance pro­gram are: The SKF up­graded ex­plorer for self-align­ing roller bear­ings, the new sealed spher­i­cal roller bear­ings, the new ta­conite seal and the Con­Cen­tra roller bear­ing units

Up­graded SKF Ex­plorer self-align­ing bear­ings have up to twice the bear­ing ser­vice life in harsh en­vi­ron­ments com­pared to the pre­vi­ous de­sign. By com­bin­ing ma­te­rial, de­sign and man­u­fac­tur­ing im­prove­ments for self-align­ing roller bear­ings, SKF En­gi­neers have max­imised the ef­fect of lu­bri­ca­tion and min­imised the ef­fects of fric­tion, wear and con­tam­i­na­tion sig­nif­i­cantly in­creas­ing wear re­sis­tance Th­ese ben­e­fits are im­por­tant for field per­for­mance as poor lu­bri­ca­tion and con­tam­i­na­tion are re­spon­si­ble for ap­prox­i­mately 50 per­cent of pre­ma­ture bear­ing fail­ures.

Sealed SKF Ex­plorer spher­i­cal roller bear­ings can sig­nif­i­cantly in­crease bear­ing ser­vice life in con­tam­i­nated en­vi­ron­ments. Th­ese bear­ings are pre-lu­bri­cated with highly ef­fec­tive con­tact seals. The seals pro­tect the bear­ing and lu­bri­cant from con­tam­i­nants that might oth­er­wise cause pre­ma­ture bear­ing fail­ure. In many ap­pli­ca­tions, th­ese bear­ings can be con­sid­ered lu­bri­cated for the life of the bear­ing. By elim­i­nat­ing or ex­tend­ing re-lu­bri­ca­tion in­ter­vals, th­ese bear­ings can sig­nif­i­cantly re­duce the cost to pur­chase, ap­ply and dis­pose of grease. Sealed spher­i­cal roller bear­ings should be taken into con­sid­er­a­tion in all greased ap­pli­ca­tions.

SKF Con­Cen­tra roller bear­ing units are ro­bust, readyto-mount units with re­li­able lock­ing tech­nol­ogy that are as­sem­bled, lu­bri­cated and sealed at the fac­tory ready for in­stant use to avoid con­tam­i­na­tion dur­ing in­stal­la­tion in the field. De­signed to op­ti­mise the per­for­mance and max­imise the ser­vice life of the SKF Ex­plorer se­ries 222 spher­i­cal roller bear­ings used in them, they are an ex­cel­lent al­ter­na­tive to adapter sleeve-mounted bear­ings in split hous­ings.

The SKF field per­for­mance pro­gram fo­cuses on driv­ing in­no­va­tive tech­nol­ogy and so­lu­tions that help our cus­tomers be more suc­cess­ful and sus­tain­able, align­ing with the SKF Life Cy­cle Man­age­ment ap­proach to re­duc­ing the to­tal cost of own­er­ship and SKF BeyondZero so­lu­tions to re­duce en­vi­ron­men­tal im­pact.

For in­for­ma­tion email: cus­tomerser­vice.nz@skf.com or visit our web­site www.skf.com

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