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In these days of per­sonal li­a­bil­ity for Com­pany Man­agers and Di­rec­tors, there’s a big dif­fer­ence be­tween be­ing a bit safer and be­ing the safest in the world but Auck­land-based New Zealand Duct+Flex reck­ons, hand- on- heart, it can say just that about its lat­est fil­tra­tion prod­ucts. And not only the safest, but the most en­ergy- ef­fi­cient and among some of the best value prod­ucts avail­able lo­cally, al­though the com­pany is quick to point out that it sells on qual­ity and per­for­mance, not price.

New Zealand Duct+Flex has come a long way in the eight years since it was brought un­der lo­cal own­er­ship, from an Aus­tralian com­pany sell­ing SpeedLock duct­ing. For a time it, too, supplied only metal duct and flex com­po­nents to the dust and fume ex­trac­tion mar­ket. Its key metal mo­du­lar duct range was re­branded as LIPLOCK ® and other prod­ucts from the man­u­fac­turer – JKF in Den­mark – were added to range. In 2010 fans, then in 2011 price com­pet­i­tive tra­di­tional Bag­house fil­ters and the com­pact, high tech DustS­torm ® fil­ters were added. DustS­torm Fil­ters have Pow­erPulse ® com­pressed air clean­ing and ATEX (Euro­pean Safety Stan­dard) ex­plo­sion safety mem­branes as stan­dard.

Dust ex­plo­sions are rare but when they do oc­cur, they can be dev­as­tat­ing, de­stroy­ing prop­erty and se­verely in­jur­ing staff. All JKF fil­ters can be spec­i­fied to ‘ATEX’ Safety stan­dard. Other man­u­fac­tur­ers can also do this but they place the ex­plo­sive re­lease mem­branes on the sides of the fil­ter con­tain­ing the ‘ dirty’ dust laden air. This al­lows the ex­plo­sion to es­cape, but it does so with a shock­wave and fire burst which emerges hor­i­zon­tally from the unit that can be 50- 60m long. It in­jures (or worse) any­one near the fil­ter at the time and can cause sec­ondary fires/ dam­age, shut­ting down com­pa­nies.

Want­ing to pro­vide New Zealand cus­tomers the safest prod­ucts, in 2015 New Zealand Duct+Flex started to of­fer fil­ters with Ver­ti­cal Force Venting ( VFV) ® , a unique fea­ture in that no fire leaves the fil­ter, so it’s much safer. In the event of a fire or dust ex­plo­sion in the fil­ter, the ex­plo­sive force re­leases ver­ti­cally and harm­lessly into at­mos­phere via vents in the roof. No fire is emit­ted, just the shock­wave. This unique sys­tem is the most ad­vanced and safest ex­plo­sion pro­tec­tion sys­tem avail­able in the world and ex­ceeds all Euro­pean / World safety reg­u­la­tions.

To clean the fil­ter sys­tems – The JKF Dan­ish en­gi­neers came up with an­other world first: Pow­erPulse ® , the most en­ergy ef­fi­cient pulsed air clean­ing sys­tem in the world’s dust ex­trac­tion mar­ket.

Most pulsed dust col­lec­tors can be heard go­ing off ev­ery 30 sec­onds or so, wast­ing en­ergy. Pow­erPulse ® waits un­til its sen­sors in­form the socks need clean­ing and the mo­bile header unit then moves around, sens­ing the air flow through the fil­ter socks as it does so. Pow­erPulse ® also selects just enough com­pressed air to clean. While ev­ery other fil­ter man­u­fac­turer uses a fixed pulse, (nor­mally around 5 bar), Pow­erPulse ® ad­justs au­to­mat­i­cally be­tween 1.5 and 5 bar de­pend­ing upon the de­gree of dust buildup, NZDuct+Flex. This unique abil­ity to think for it­self saves as much as 70-90 per­cent of com­pressed air us­age against any other pulsed fil­ter sys­tem. And be­cause the fil­ter socks are cleaned less of­ten and more gen­tly, they last much longer, again sav­ing cost.

“Of course, you would ex­pect this tech­nol­ogy to cost more, but due to the man­u­fac­turer JKF’s 60+ years his­tory, and vol­ume of pro­duc­tion, the price is ex­tremely com­pet­i­tive,” says Sales Man­ager, Ge­off Eb­don. “In­no­va­tion in JKF means our com­pany has now se­cured a well- de­served rep­u­ta­tion of of­fer­ing equip­ment for dust fil­tra­tion that is 30 years ahead of any­thing else, at prices equiv­a­lent to prod­uct that doesn’t have these fea­tures.”

NZDuct+Flex’s suc­cess has bought with it in­creas­ing de­mand. It has also ex­tended its range of plas­tic flex­i­ble duct­ing, stain­less steel duct­ing, fixed and mo­bile Fume ex­trac­tion units, and car­ries a wide range of ma­te­rial han­dling fans. Re­cent pur­chase of a sec­ond ware­house has al­lowed it to ac­com­mo­date the grow­ing in­ven­tory. Prod­ucts from an­other lead­ing North Euro­pean sup­plier are about to be launched in the au­tumn to ex­pand the mar­kets and prod­ucts cov­ered.

The com­pany strives to stock as many of the prod­ucts it can right here in New Zealand.

Cus­tomers who place an or­der be­fore 3pm will nor­mally have their items shipped that day; no wait­ing around for two weeks while it comes from Aus­tralia or else­where. You can have Duct­ing, Fans, Fume Arms, Mo­bile Fil­ters or a com­plete dust ex­trac­tion sys­tem to han­dle 10,000m3/h, shipped from Auck­land – to­day. Only un­usual items or large sys­tems that need to be or­dered in from Den­mark or Ger­many take longer. Even then, the com­pany can give a fixed ar­rival date, within 24- 48 hours from when you placed the or­der.

NZDuct+Flex em­ploys its own in­stal­la­tion staff who in­stall these sys­tems nearly ev­ery day. Of course, this gives cus­tomers surety of know­ing the price is fixed and the qual­ity of the prod­ucts and per­for­mance of the whole sys­tem is guar­an­teed and war­ranted.

With just duct­ing in­stalls or the sim­pler fil­ter sys­tems, where there are less safety con­sid­er­a­tions, the com­pany installers will as­sist your own con­tac­tors if that’s your wish. Who­ever in­stalls, they know that they have easy and knowl­edge­able ac­cess to NZDuct+Flex’s huge stock hold­ing a phone call away.

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