SKF Food Line Y-bear­ing units

Relu­bri­ca­tion-free so­lu­tion in wet con­tam­i­nated en­vi­ron­ments

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The cy­cle of wash­downs and lu­bri­cant washout in food and bev­er­age man­u­fac­tur­ing cre­ates a never-end­ing cy­cle of waste. It is com­mon to re­lu­bri­cate bear­ings af­ter each wash­down – daily, weekly or at other in­ter­vals based on pro­duc­tion specifics. Dur­ing this process, ex­cess grease is dis­charged past the bear­ing seals (purged). At the next wash­down cy­cle, the grease is washed away and into the plant’s waste wa­ter. Be­cause they can with­stand fre­quent wash­downs with­out relu­bri­ca­tion, SKF Food Line Y-bear­ing units can elim­i­nate the need for relu­bri­ca­tion, grease dis­posal and con­cern about en­vi­ron­men­tal im­pact.

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