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PRIME. When it comes to styling a high shine do, prepa­ra­tion is key and hav­ing a blow-dryer on hand is es­sen­tial. “If you want shine, all prod­ucts should re­ally be blow-dried into the hair,” says Brad. “The process of heat­ing them up seals them into the hair for bet­ter ef­fect.” He rec­om­mends prim­ing the hair be­fore switch­ing on the heat. “Just like a makeup primer, a hair primer en­sures the hair re­mains a con­sis­tent tex­ture from root to tip, with­out any oily or dry ar­eas.” Primer also pro­tects the hair so it’s per­fect for use with hot tools. Ap­ply your primer on damp hair, then ap­ply a high-shine serum, or if you have very fine hair, a shine gel. “Amer­i­can-style gels are dif­fer­ent from our clas­sic hair gels as they’re made to be blow-dried into the hair,” says Brad. “They’re great for shine as they seal the hair cu­ti­cle up, coat­ing and pro­tect­ing the hair and al­low­ing it to re­tain its mois­ture lev­els.” For short hair, a po­made is fan­tas­tic to give high shine. “Use it spar­ingly and blow-dry a small amount into al­ready dry hair,” he says.

DRY. Us­ing a brush, blow-dry the hair and sweep it from side to side as you go. “A nat­u­ral bris­tle brush will help dis­trib­ute your nat­u­ral oils down the length of the hair,” says Brad. Once it’s dry, switch the dryer to cold and blast it for a cou­ple of min­utes to smooth down the hair cu­ti­cle and en­sure the prod­uct is locked in. FIN­ISH. Brush the hair into place and fin­ish with a shine spray or light oil through the mid lengths and ends. “Most brands do two ver­sions of oil,” says Brad. “Rich is good to blow-dry into the hair, and light is best for fin­ish­ing.”

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