Chief cre­ative of­fi­cer of Calvin Klein, Raf Si­mons, has his say…

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ON GROW­ING UP: I don’t have a fash­ion back­ground at all. I come from a white­trash fam­ily. My mum went out for work when she was 15; my dad went into the army when he was 17. I was play­ing on a farm with cows and sheep and chick­ens and a lot of chil­dren, and that’s it.


I saw my first show, which was the third show for Martin Margiela, and noth­ing else in fash­ion has had such a big im­pact on me. It was a show where half the au­di­ence cried, in­clud­ing my­self. I was just like, “What! This is fash­ion?” Only at that point did I un­der­stand what fash­ion could be or what it could mean to peo­ple. ON CALVIN KLEIN BY AP­POINT­MENT: I thought it would be more in­ter­est­ing to democra­tise the line, and to give ac­cess to every­body who might want to ac­quire an item, as op­posed to only a fa­mous per­son who walks the red car­pet.

ON HIS SCHED­ULE: I have a sched­ule ev­ery day that be­gins at 10 in the morn­ing and runs through the day, and ev­ery, ev­ery minute is filled.

ON KEEP­ING PACE: I’m not the kind of per­son who likes to do things so fast. I think if I had more time, I would re­ject more things, and bring other ideas or con­cepts in. But that’s also not nec­es­sar­ily bet­ter. Some­times you can work things to death when you take too much time.

ON HIS GO-TO OUT­FIT: Navy trousers

— I have 30 pairs — navy crew-neck cash­mere and a navy shirt. Peo­ple think I’m a clochard, al­ways wear­ing the same

“I don’t work at home; I rarely take work home. I have an of­fice where I work, and the house

is an­other thing”

things, but I don’t want to stand there think­ing in the morn­ing, ‘Hmm, what shall

I wear?’ ON HIS ART COL­LEC­TION: Some Sterling Ruby pieces. Cindy Sher­man. Cady Noland. George Condo is in the house. Some younger artists like Sanya Kan­tarovsky. Anne Col­lier. We live with quite some stuff; I’ve al­ways lived with quite some stuff. I like it — it’s in­spir­ing to me, to be with other peo­ple’s cre­ations. ON HUNT­ING

FOR HOME­WARE AT FLEA MAR­KETS: I’ve al­ways liked it — find­ing pieces and bring­ing them back again to an­other con­text so they can live dif­fer­ent lives.

ON TEX­TING IDEAS TO HIM­SELF: [It’s] so I don’t for­get them. They’re al­ways com­ing. It can be stupid things, like a cer­tain but­ton, but I’ve been do­ing this my whole life.

Raf Si­mons (above) and looks from the Calvin Klein Col­lec­tion AW17/18 show at New York Fash­ion Week.

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