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Cof­fee grounds (in mod­er­ate doses) are a healthy source of nu­tri­ents for your soil and are also great for de­ter­ring aphids. Sim­ply mulch around your plants with your morn­ing’s cof­fee leftovers.

Oat­meal bath

Or­ganic por­ridge oats make a won­der­ful skin soft­ener when added to bath water. Cut some squares of muslin mea­sur­ing ap­prox­i­mately 20 x 20cm. Place a hand­ful of oats to­gether with some herb flow­ers, or a sprig or two of your cho­sen herb, on each square of muslin. Gather up the cor­ners and tie se­curely with rib­bon or string to form a bag. Make the rib­bon long enough to tie to the hot water tap so that the run­ning water del­uges the bag, or just drop the bag into the bath and squeeze it un­til water turns milky. From A Guide to Nat­u­ral House­keep­ing by Christina Strutt

Grow food, not lawn

If you hate mow­ing the lawn or pay­ing some­one to do it for you, why not con­vert it into a veg­etable gar­den in­stead. Check out food­not­ for ex­tra tips.

Two ways with straw­ber­ries

Use an egg slicer to slice straw­ber­ries or ki­wifruit for a pavlova. An­other way to prep straw­ber­ries is to use a re­us­able stain­less steel straw to push the stem and core out, in­stead of cut­ting the top of the straw­berry off with a knife. This keeps the straw­berry’s shape and cre­ates less waste.

Gift idea

A pretty cup and saucer from a thrift shop filled with con­fec­tionery or dried flow­ers makes a lovely gift.

Carry cash

Re­search shows if you pay in cash rather than with a credit card, you’ll likely spend less. Try leav­ing the credit card at home and carry $100 cash in­stead.

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