Is elec­tion shap­ing up to be a beauty con­test?

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In my child­hood my mother used the ex­pres­sion: “Never judge a book by its cover”. Re­cent po­lit­i­cal polls would in­di­cate a num­ber of New Zealan­ders are in­deed judg­ing a book by its cover. Fur­ther, the ex­tent of me­dia cov­er­age ded­i­cated to the “Jacin­darella phe­nom­e­non” in­di­cates at least some mem­bers of the me­dia are al­most be­sot­ted. Yet it re­mains to be seen just what ac­tu­ally might be in­side the cover. Makes for an in­ter­est­ing few weeks ahead.

Phil Chitty, Al­bany

I re­mem­ber Princess Diana as a beau­ti­ful princess with a heart of gold. Her com­mit­ment pub­licly was sec­ond to none and what lit­tle pri­vate life she had she de­served. For all those peo­ple close to her to drag triv­ial and per­sonal de­tails about her some 20 years af­ter her death is dis­gust­ing. Who can claim what Princess Diana’s but­ler, Paul Bur­rell, says of her is true? I sug­gest Paul qui­etly takes his re­ported £10,000 for spilling his sto­ries, grabs his part­ner by the hand and goes to live hap­pily ever af­ter in peace. Ex­actly how Diana should be left.

Glenn Forsyth, Taupo

I see that Jenny Mox­ham in Aus­tralia wants to ban keep­ing birds, rab­bits, guinea pigs and rats as pets in small cages, fish in small bowls, dogs in small yards and all pets in apart­ments (Let­ters, Au­gust 20). Thank good­ness un­like Gareth Mor­gan, she did not want to ban cats. My cat is very care­ful with all wildlife ex­cept rats. Ch­ablis brings in birds as a present for me into the bed­room where I open the win­dow and they fly out un­harmed. Ch­ablis at times brings in monarch but­ter­flies and again they fly out the win­dow when I open it. But af­ter neigh­bours left food out that brought rats, she bought in five big rats for me to bury. So cats are a value around the home. I


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