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The fol­low­ing recipes are a sneak pre­view from Annabel’s new book ES­SEN­TIAL Vol­ume Two: Sweet Treats for Ev­ery Oc­ca­sion (Annabel Lang­bein Me­dia, $65), a beau­ti­ful com­pen­dium of hun­dreds of Annabel’s best-ever sweet recipes and cook­ing tips, on sale in New Zealand from mid-March. Annabel Lang­bein’s Wa­ter­melon Ice­blocks

Kids will love these cute ices. I like to add cho­co­late chips to look like wa­ter­melon seeds, but you can leave them out if you pre­fer. Ready in 10 mins + freez­ing Makes 8

500g wa­ter­melon, rind and dark seeds re­moved

¼ cup caster su­gar 3 Tbsp lime juice 8 tsp cho­co­late chips (op­tional)

Cut wa­ter­melon flesh into chunks and whizz in a blender with su­gar and lime juice un­til pulpy. Pour into 8 ice­block moulds or small pa­per cups. If de­sired, add about 1 tea­spoon cho­co­late chips to each ice­block and push down with a knife to dis­trib­ute through the pulp so they look like wa­ter­melon seeds.

If us­ing ice­block moulds, in­sert lids with sticks at­tached. If us­ing pa­per cups, cover tightly with tin foil and, in a sin­gle move­ment, poke a wooden ice­block stick through the tin foil into the cen­tre of the pulp in each cup (the tin foil holds the sticks in place un­til the pulp freezes). Freeze for at least 4 hours un­til firm. To re­move from moulds, run out­side of moulds un­der hot water for a few se­conds. If you want to re­use the ice­block moulds, re­move the ice­blocks and store them in a con­tainer in the freezer with bak­ing pa­per between the lay­ers. Annabel Lang­bein’s Cho­co­late Nice Cream

Use maple syrup and dairy-free cho­co­late for a ve­gan ver­sion of this lus­cious, su­per-smooth ice­cream.

Ready in 20 mins + freez­ing Makes about 4 cups

2 Tbsp co­coa or ca­cao

1 cup co­conut cream ½ cup maple syrup or runny honey 250g dark cho­co­late, chopped

4 ripe ba­nanas, peeled

Place co­coa in a medium pot and mix in a lit­tle co­conut cream, stir­ring to dis­solve co­coa. Add re­main­ing co­conut cream and the maple syrup or honey and heat over a medium heat un­til al­most boil­ing. Re­move from heat, add cho­co­late, leave to melt then stir un­til smooth.

Trans­fer to a food pro­ces­sor, add ba­nanas and whizz un­til creamy and very smooth.

Trans­fer to a freezer-proof, 4-cup ca­pac­ity con­tainer, cover and freeze un­til solid (about 4 hours). If freez­ing for more than 12 hours re­move from the freezer about 10-15 min­utes be­fore serv­ing and pop in the fridge to soften. Keeps in the freezer for 4-6 weeks.

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