A fam­ily bath­room and guest WC find com­mon ground.

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How does this bath­room dif­fer from the bath­room down­stairs? Tim Kelle­her: The down­stairs bath­room has no bath; it’s mainly for our kids when they grow up. Tobin Smith: The de­sign veered away from the more typ­i­cal ap­proach of a sep­a­rate guest pow­der room on the liv­ing level. In­stead, we put more en­ergy into a shared fam­ily bath­room that dou­bles as the guest WC. The bath­room down­stairs is more util­i­tar­ian: a fit-for-pur­pose de­sign. What needed to be con­sid­ered when de­sign­ing this space for a young fam­ily? TK: Baths hap­pen ev­ery se­cond night for the kids, so it’s a hap­pen­ing place. The bath­room is func­tional. We were look­ing at a fixed shower head, but some­one con­vinced us we’d need a de­tach­able shower head for clean­ing. I scoffed at this as I thought what­ever looked best would suit us. Now we are of­ten hos­ing off sand, dirt or what­ever else you can imag­ine our kids find them­selves in. But, as prac­ti­cal as the de­tach­able shower head is, there’s the nag­ging thought of some­thing min­i­mal. The sculpted ceil­ing over the bath em­pha­sises the space and fun­nels nat­u­ral light into the cen­trally lo­cated bath­room. How did the idea evolve? TS: We wanted to do some­thing more dra­matic than a sim­ple square sky­light cut into the ceil­ing. Tim was very trust­ing. I think it’s awe­some! The wet area con­serves space but ap­pears more gen­er­ous than a shower over the bath. Tell us about it? TK: This has been re­ally use­ful. At bath time, the kids splash around a lot. The bath and shower don’t feel like two things in the bath­room – they work as one. TS: This idea is com­mon in Ja­pan, where wash­ing and bathing are as­so­ci­ated but of­ten sep­a­rated. The end of the bath­room be­comes a wet area that utilises the long nar­row space, but also helps con­tain the mess of young, en­thu­si­as­tic bathers.

Basin Te­o­rema by St Michel. Bath Kohler. Light­ing Built-in LED and re­cessed light­ing. Tap­ware Min­i­mal­ist by Methven. Tiles 46mm matte black from Rep­tiles. Van­ity Mael­strom Join­ery. WC Kohler.

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