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How did the de­sign pan out? There were a few it­er­a­tions to get the right feel. The chal­lenge was lis­ten­ing and delv­ing into what the clients wanted, en­gag­ing in the smaller scale and re­spect­ing the ex­ist­ing build­ing. The form in­evitably comes from the site and what the clients are telling you – you al­most be­come a ‘method ar­chi­tect’.

How would you de­scribe the quirks that arose from this ren­o­va­tion?

Weav­ing things into the ex­ist­ing struc­ture gives some odd­i­ties, nooks and cran­nies that you would never de­sign, but they be­come in­ter­est­ing fea­tures.

What’s the think­ing be­hind the two kitchen sinks on op­po­site walls?

When you’re at the bach, meal prepa­ra­tion is of­ten done by a num­ber of peo­ple and re­quires dif­fer­ent work sta­tions. One bench has space un­derneath so when there are lots of peo­ple here they can put chilly bins un­der and out of the way. But, gen­er­ally speak­ing, you don’t have the mas­sive ef­fect of a wrap­around kitchen bench that pos­si­bly feels out-scaled to what else is hap­pen­ing in the house.

Be­fore – ground floor 1. En­try 2. Liv­ing 3. Kitchen 4. Deck 5. Bed­room 6. Bathroom 7. Laun­dry 8. Study 9. Util­ity shed

Af­ter – ground floor

Af­ter – first floor

Be­fore – first floor

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