Come with us, dear reader, as we open the story book on this is­sue’s card­board cover. No need to clutch the blan­kets! Just lie back and re­lax

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Once upon a time at Idea­log Tow­ers, part of the Im­age Cen­tre King­dom, a young English gent sent around an in­ter­nal email about his new busi­ness ven­ture. Called Rest In Pets, the English Gent, Sir Card-a-lot, had cre­ated coffins for pets out of card­board (see page 55).

Sir Card-a-lot (who also went by the name of Mat Bo­gust) was go­ing to a nearby king­dom, the Em­pire of Kick­starter, to tout his wares, and re­quired as­sis­tance from fair maidens near and far.

Those at Idea­log Tow­ers were in­trigued that Sir Card-a-lot’s email sig­na­ture showed his real job ti­tle – when he wasn’t res­cu­ing pets from grave dan­ger and hence be­ing in need of a card­board cof­fin, nat­u­rally – as ‘card­board engi­neer’.

“We must make use of Sir Card-a-lot’s tal­ents,” said one par­tic­u­larly fair maiden, Dame Aimee Car­ruthers, whose artis­tic achieve­ments had been cel­e­brated at a coun­try-wide ban­quet known as the Mag­a­zine Awards. (For Dame Aimee had been de­clared Supreme Artis­tic Hu­man Be­ing in the Busi­ness & Trade cat­e­gory.)

And so, Sir Card-a-lot was placed in shack­les in the dun­geon of Idea­log Tow­ers un­til he had com­pleted his Mag­num Opus, known as Idea­log’s cover for is­sue 48.

Sir Card-a-lot was so happy with his Card­board Mag­num Opus that he in­ad­ver­tently stum­bled into the cam­era’s path as it was cap­tur­ing the card­board good­ness. And lo, did Dame Aimee de­clare that the cover shot had been found, and that Thun­der­birds Were Go.

And while Dame Aimee and Sir Card-a-lot (above) were frol­ick­ing in the card­board field of artis­tic glory, those from the House of OnDig­i­tal – also part of the Im­age Cen­tre King­dom – were shoot­ing a time-lapse video of the ac­tion.

And while the days and nights now pass hap­pily at Idea­log Tow­ers, read­ers may view the time-lapse at

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