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THREE MEALS A day around the din­ner ta­ble are out – we’re too busy. In­stead con­sumers all over the world are snack­ing more, eat­ing out, and bring­ing pre­pared food home. That’s a big op­por­tu­nity for Kiwi ex­porters.

It’s of­fi­cial. Snack­ing is big busi­ness. Glob­ally we con­sumed $374 bil­lion-worth of snacks in the year to March 2014, ac­cord­ing to Nielsen’s most re­cent Snack At­tack re­port. Over­all, that fig­ure is up 2% on the year be­fore, but in Asia Pa­cific, snack sales are grow­ing at twice that rate, and in Latin Amer­ica more than three times.

It would be a mis­take for snack food pro­duc­ers to con­cen­trate on the US and Euro­pean mar­kets, be­cause they look the big­gest, says the Nielsen re­port. Th­ese mar­kets are well-served and grow­ing slowly.

“The big­gest fu­ture growth will come from the Asia-Pa­cific re­gion for two key rea­sons: in­creased con­sump­tion per capita and an in­creas­ing pop­u­la­tion. With a grow­ing mid­dle class, there are more mouths to feed and more money to spend on snack­ing. The same is true in Africa, al­though the growth tra­jec­tory for snacks is still lower than Asia-Pa­cific at this time.”

Drill down fur­ther and the num­bers get even more in­ter­est­ing if you are a Kiwi food com­pany. Savoury snack sales, in­clud­ing crack­ers, rice crack­ers and pita chips jumped 21% in the last year in Latin Amer­ica, re­frig­er­ated snacks (yo­gurt, cheese snacks etc) jumped 6.4% in Asia-Pa­cific, and meat snacks ( jerky and dried meat was up 25% in the Mid­dle East and Africa.

Beef and milk-based snack prod­ucts – now that’s some­thing we could surely jump onto.

When it comes to mar­ket­ing Kiwi food and tar­get­ing the con­sumer, a cou­ple of other snack trends look promis­ing.

First, the re­port found women and men snack in dif­fer­ent ways – and it might be worth tar­get­ting women, who are the big­gest con­sumers of snacks glob­ally. Women con­sume more choco­late (68% of women, com­pared to 61% of men), fresh fruit (68% ver­sus 57%), veg­eta­bles ( 56% ver­sus 49%), yo­ghurt ( 57% ver­sus 44%) and bis­cuits ( 55% ver­sus 48%).

Sec­ond, peo­ple’s busy life­styles mean they are in­creas­ingly eat­ing snacks as quick meals, rather than be­tween-meal food. A whop­ping 45% of those sur­veyed con­sume snacks as a meal al­ter­na­tive – 52% for break­fast, 43% for lunch and 40% for din­ner.

And al­though “fast food” has tra­di­tion­ally “meant high in calo­ries and low in health ben­e­fits”, that’s chang­ing. “There is a mas­sive op­por­tu­nity to gain mar­ket share in the nu­tri­tous, portable and easy-to- eat sec­tor,” says the re­port.


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