Pre­dic­tions, wor­ries, wants and im­prove­ments

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Peo­ple will be the hard­est prob­lem

Hir­ing them, re­tain­ing them, keep­ing them fo­cused on where you are go­ing and deal­ing with the haters. Peo­ple are so amaz­ingly won­der­ful and hard. I wish I had de­vel­oped my em­pa­thy faster and took more time to in­vest in peo­ple.

Ev­ery­one has an agenda

Ev­ery­one wants some­thing. It’s nat­u­ral and un­der­stand­able and you should ac­tively find out what they want from you. In­vestors or early hires, any­one you get on­board needs to be aligned and you need to help them get what they need. If it’s some­thing you can’t give, don’t let them take one of the pre­cious seats on the rocket or take any of your time.

You are go­ing to need a bet­ter an­swer than‘ busy’

I still don’t know what this is, but I need a bet­ter an­swer when some­one asks me how things are go­ing. “Good” and “Busy” are both ter­ri­ble an­swers, but then so is “Bad” or “Bor­ing”. “Per­haps can you help me with some­thing?” is bet­ter. Fig­ure out what that some­thing is.

It gets bru­tally tough

We know this, right? It’s in the brochure. If it was easy EV­ERY­ONE would be do­ing it. But it is not just tough, it gets star­ing-into-the-void-tough. Know that those mo­ments are com­ing, where you will ques­tion ev­ery­thing and feel like you are fail­ing ev­ery­one. And it’s okay. You are okay and nor­mal. You can do it.

Idea log would ask me to write things

If you look like you are one or two chap­ters ahead in the how to be an en­tre­pre­neur hand­book, then oth­ers around you will want your crib notes. I would have kept a reg­u­lar di­ary as I hit each pot­hole and launch ramp. It may seem like you are the only per­son in the world with your prob­lems, but be­lieve me, the more we share the bet­ter we all are.

Vend’s Vaughan Rowsell knows things, wants things, pre­dicts things, wor­ries about things and i mproves things. Vaughan Rowsell is an awe­some weirdo with a big mous­tache. He also founded Vend and co-founded OMGTech!

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