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I am be­com­ing more and more dis­ap­pointed, even dis­gusted with the self-seek­ing be­hav­iour of our so-called po­lit­i­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tives.

I re­alise that they have be­come more and more ex­posed to public scru­tiny, these days, with Par­lia­ment be­ing tele­vised. I also re­alise, that even with some ini­tial, ‘‘front of house’’ coach­ing, it may be dif­fi­cult for new mem­bers to steer away from at­tempt­ing to be­come ‘‘scene steal­ers’’ or ‘‘over-sup­port­ive devo­tees’’.

It is em­bar­rass­ing to ob­serve fla­grant self-seek­ing per­for­mances aimed at pro­mot­ing them­selves favourably to watch­ing vot­ers.

A par­tic­u­larly pitiful form of be­hav­iour is that of be­ing seated be­hind or, prefer­ably, just to ei­ther side of min­is­ters about to an­swer ques­tions dur­ing ques­tion time. Their sole role is to show vis­i­ble sup­port to who­ever the se­nior mem­ber is prat­tling on about.

It is rather amaz­ing, also, how many bud­ding ac­tors choose their time to pass in front of and be­hind other party mem­bers be­ing tele­vised at the time.

There are two Na­tional Party mem­bers, one male and one fe­male, who have won the act­ing au­di­tion en­ti­tling them to per­form the seated role. One Labour sup­porter reg­u­larly per­forms with friendly waves to the public gallery be­fore smil­ing di­rectly into the tele­vi­sion cam­era. I have named the two Na­tional Party mem­bers ‘‘Mr and Mrs Noddy’’ and the Labour ac­tor ‘‘Mr Look At Me – I’m Here’’.

The na­ture of rep­re­sen­ta­tive gov­er­nance en­sures that block vot­ing dec­la­ra­tions favour the gov­ern­ing party be­cause they have the most mem­bers in the house. Hav­ing a mixed mem­ber­ship Par­lia­ment has rarely, if ever, brought down a gov­ern­ing party’s pro­posed leg­is­la­tion.

Ne­go­ti­a­tions be­tween the Gov­ern­ment and mi­nor par­ties, of­fer­ing el­e­vated, higher paid po­si­tions to a mi­nor party’s leader may off­set the demise of the rul­ing party’s right to gov­ern through rea­soned ne­go­ti­a­tions.

What do these clown MPS think they have been voted in for? Is it re­ally only for their self-seek­ing glo­ri­fi­ca­tion and doubt­fully earned $100,00-plus with all kinds of un­di­vulged perks?

There are ba­si­cally two dif­fer­ent party groups wish­ing to be served by dif­fer­ently mo­ti­vated mas­ters.

The two groups are: Those who em­ploy, who have in­vested in­ter­ests in mak­ing money, and those who phys­i­cally work to earn money.

RAY BROWN, Pukerua Bay

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