Savvy wardrobe time-sav­ing tips

This month’s col­umn is ded­i­cated to those of us who are time-poor and look­ing for smart so­lu­tions in the wardrobe depart­ment.

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Purg­ing wardrobes of clut­ter is a pop­u­lar pas­time but of­ten a dif­fi­cult task to com­plete.

Not ev­ery­one has the lux­ury of set­ting aside a few hours or dis­card­ing large amounts of clothes in one hit.

Some of us have a vo­ra­cious ap­petite for clothes, shoes and bags – culling can be an over­whelm­ing process.

There are stylists and im­age con­sul­tants only too will­ing to as­sist, but for many women their closet is sacro­sanct.

The best strate­gies are the ones that seam­lessly fit into a life­style, be­com­ing life­long habits.

Skills ac­quired through prac­tice are more em­pow­er­ing and will en­dure.

The more of­ten you prac­tise dis­card­ing clut­ter, the eas­ier it be­comes, and the less time it takes.

Be­low is a se­lec­tion of time­sav­ing tips to con­sider when re­or­gan­is­ing your closet.

1. Tackle a spe­cific area such as a drawer or cup­board, en­sur­ing the task can be done within a set time.

2. Al­ter­na­tively, fo­cus on one gar­ment type at a time, such as jack­ets or trousers.

This will iden­tify gaps or ex­cess – for ex­am­ple, one jacket ver­sus 15 pairs of trousers with dif­fer­ences known only to you.

3. Keep a lit­tle book that fits into any hand­bag with notes for all your wardrobe shop­ping needs.

It may also be worth not­ing what you don’t need, should a mo­ment of weak­ness oc­cur.

4. Try hang­ing clothes by colour, gar­ment type, sea­son or events such as work, hob­bies or evening wear.

5. Use dif­fer­ent coloured hang­ers to iden­tify sea­sonal from event items or add a coloured tag­ging sys­tem to your hang­ers.

Don’t for­get to have a re­minder of the sys­tem on the back of the wardrobe door.

Ef­fec­tive sys­tems man­age peo­ple on days they can­not man­age them­selves.

6. Aim to keep all hang­ers fac­ing the same way, turn­ing the op­po­site way as each out­fit is worn.

This will al­low you to iden­tify the clothes you never wear over a pe­riod of time, mak­ing it eas­ier to de­cide what stays or goes next time you de-clut­ter.

7. Hang com­plete out­fits to­gether, and change the com­bi­na­tions ev­ery few weeks.

8. Have a des­ig­nated space for items prone to tak­ing over, such as shoes. You’re build­ing in the need to dis­card be­fore adding new.

9. Store shoes in trans­par­ent, stack­able draw­ers or boxes so you can eas­ily find the pair you need. As an al­ter­na­tive, add coloured pho­tos to the out­side of orig­i­nal shoe­boxes.

10. Part­ner up sports wear with a towel in a wet lin­ing bag for easy, ready to go ac­cess.

For­ward plan­ning is al­ways best, but on days when ut­ter chaos de­scends, de­spite your best laid plans, a few well­cho­sen strate­gies will guide you.

Next month: Makeup es­sen­tials for all ages.

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