Sad tale in Ti­tahi Bay

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I have lived hap­pily in Ti­tahi Bay for the past five years.

I bought my house based on its char­ac­ter and its out­look across the greater part of the Bay. Also it was one of six houses built in 1954 and sold pri­vately to fam­i­lies who pretty much have lived in the area since then.

Un­for­tu­nately last year the oc­cu­pant next door died, and the property fell into the hands of a de­vel­oper.

First the sec­tion was sub­di­vided.

Next the new owner went around the neigh­bour­ing houses wish­ing to fully fence the sec­tion and re­quested that those neigh­bours con­trib­ute to the cost.

I re­jected that be­cause I be­lieved the hedge be­tween the prop­er­ties con­sti­tuted an ad­e­quate fence and be­ing asked to front up with $3500 seemed a bit ex­treme. I was is­sued a fenc­ing no­tice by the owner, which I coun­tered with a cross no­tice.

He took us to the dis­putes tri­bunal.

The ad­ju­di­ca­tor de­cided in my favour, rul­ing that the hedge was an ad­e­quate fence and that a pro­posed fence also did not fit into the sur­round­ings.

Imag­ine my sur­prise when a few months later, while fences were be­ing built on the neigh­bour­ing prop­er­ties, our hedge was re­moved to make way for a fence.

I don’t have to pay for half of the fence, but when I ques­tioned the new owner as to why the hedge had been re­moved, he re­sponded that he did not agree with the ad­ju­di­ca­tor’s de­ci­sion from the dis­putes tri­bunal.

He said the ad­ju­di­ca­tor had not taken ev­ery­thing into con­sid­er­a­tion and was in­ex­pe­ri­enced, and as far as he was con­cerned he was en­ti­tled to do what he wanted, re­gard­less of the out­come of the dis­pute.

The up­shot is that I have a new fence. I also have three two-storey ‘‘town­houses’’ (boxes) un­der con­struc­tion that look di­rectly over into our property and have ef­fec­tively di­min­ished our once beau­ti­ful vista.

Ob­vi­ously I can do noth­ing about this so-called progress, but grin and bear it, along with the knowl­edge that our city coun­cil gave re­source agree­ment to have these boxes built.

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