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The Cup­cake: When Car­rie Bradshaw first ate a cup­cake from Mag­no­lia Bak­ery on tele­vi­sion show Sex and the City, cafes the world over started to recre­ate the frosted mini­cakes. The cup­cake’s roots go back much fur­ther and with the first men­tion traced as far back as 1796, when a recipe no­ta­tion of ‘‘a cake to be baked in small cups’’ was writ­ten in Amer­i­can Cook­ery by Amelia Sim­mons.

The Mac­a­roon: The del­i­cate cookie was first cre­ated in Italy by the chef of Cather­ine de Medici, Queen of France from 1547 till 1559. The orig­i­nal mac­a­roon was a sim­ple cookie made of al­mond pow­der, sugar and egg whites and it wasn’t un­til the early 20th Cen­tury that a filling was sand­wiched be­tween by Pierre Des­fontaines. Mac­a­roon has the same ori­gin as mac­a­roni; both mean ‘‘fine dough’’.

The Cronut: The donut-crois­sant hy­brid was in­vented in 2013 by New York chef Do­minique Ansel. It led to lines around the block from dawn ev­ery morn­ing at his New York bak­ery. While the name is a regis­tered trade­mark of the bak­ery, many vari­a­tions of the popular treat have since arisen world­wide.

The Eclair: The eclair’s ori­gins are a bit of a mys­tery, but it is known to have orig­i­nated in France around the turn of the nine­teenth cen­tury. The word eclair means light­ning. Like the mac­a­roon, it is a French chef who is chang­ing up the tra­di­tional treat. Chef Christophe Adam is rein­vent­ing the clas­sic choco­late, cream-filled choux pas­try with va­ri­eties such as ap­ple, vanilla and salted caramel.

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