Three times Os­car got it wrong

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man’s rise and in­evitable fall, Welles coined a slew of cut­ting edge spe­cial ef­fects that are still used to­day and in­flu­enced films like The Mal­tese Fal­con, Lawrence of Ara­bia, The God­fa­ther and Me­mento.

Kane was a thinly veiled dig at the ex­cesses of real- life power mon­ger and cas­tle dweller Wil­liam Ran­dolph Hearst, and it made some pow­er­ful enemies (namely Hearst) who used their clout to knock the film off its Os­car perch.

So, de­spite Kane be­ing nom­i­nated for eight Os­cars, in­clud­ing best pic­ture, the 1941 Os­car went home with John Ford for the schlocky How Green Was My Val­ley, a film that no one ever ref­er­ences, un­less it’s to make fun of Welsh peo­ple, which isn’t very nice.

2. Star Wars Ge­orge Lu­cas).

No science fic­tion film has ever won best pic­ture, even when, as in

(1977, di­rected by 1977 when Star Wars ex­ploded onto screens, it clearly was the best pic­ture made that year.

Next to its co-nom­i­nees, An­nie Hall ( which won), Ju­lia, The Good­bye Girl and Turn­ing Point, Star Wars stands out like a gi­ant, beep­ing ro­botic thumb.

That dif­fer­ence, and the fact the film changed ex­pec­ta­tions for cinema overnight, re­quir­ing a whole new word to de­scribe the phe­nom­e­non – block­buster – should have as­sured it a place in the ex­alted pan­theon of best pic­tures. But it was not to be.

At the 50th Academy Awards, peo­ple talk­ing about their feel­ings won over peo­ple slic­ing their feel­ings in two with a lightsaber. A trav­esty.

3. The Fel­low­ship Of The Ring (2002, di­rected by Peter Jack­son).

Although the third and fi­nal in­stal­ment would win best pic­ture a few years later (be­com­ing the only fan­tasy film, and the only se­quel to win best pic­ture), the as­tound­ing achieve­ment of Jack­son and Wingnut films in cre­at­ing Mid­dle Earth and pop­u­lat­ing it with be­liev­able oth­er­worldly be­ings was over­looked in favour of a film about . . . you guessed it, feel­ings.

A Beau­ti­ful Mind, which did win, is hardly a dud. But the tale of a tor­tured ge­nius at odds with the world didn’t have any hob­bits in it, so I’m call­ing it a fail.

Jok­ing aside, maybe be­cause The Fel­low­ship of the Ring was made so far from Hol­ly­wood put the wind up the mostly-Amer­i­can Academy. What­ever the case, Os­car dropped the ball again.

Time­less: From left, Cit­i­zen Kane, Star Wars and The Fel­low­ship of the Ring are three ex­cel­lent films that Os­car over­looked in favour of the safer op­tions.

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