Prob­lems with dis­abil­ity parks

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Cig­a­rette butts are not biodegrad­able and take up to five years to break down.

Out­door smok­ing bans can help to re­duce the amount of cig­a­rette butt lit­ter. Let’s keep our fan­tas­tic beaches clean and healthy places for us all to en­joy.

Sup­port for smoke­free beach pol­icy would con­trib­ute to­wards the Na­tional Smoke­free Aotearoa by 2025 goal. I write re­gard­ing your front page story (June 23) that quotes Ly­dia Jack­son on the sub­ject of Porirua car park­ing, and dis­abil­ity park­ing in par­tic­u­lar: ‘‘. . . car parks in the CBD that are des­ig­nated for dis­abled users are not prac­ti­cal or sized cor­rectly.’’

There are in­ter­na­tional stan­dards for car park­ing spa­ces, which in­clude the length and width of the space, width of the lanes be­tween park­ing spa­ces (smaller the spa­ces, wider the lanes, and vice versa), and fre­quency of vis­its (one hour park­ing spa­ces are larger than all­day spa­ces). Dis­abil­ity park­ing spa­ces are wider, longer and have more height clear­ance.

Most coun­cils in New Zealand adopt the Aus­tralian stan­dards, and a few the Euro­pean Union

stan­dard. Porirua City Coun­cil has sup­pos­edly adopted the Aus­tralian stan­dard, but many spa­ces do not com­ply, which the coun­cil man­age­ment is fully aware of.

For ex­am­ple, when the coun­cil cre­ated the park­ing area on the for­mer Cobb & Co/Chal­lenge site, the width of the lanes clos­est to the ANZ Bank were made too nar­row, mak­ing it dif­fi­cult to get in, and es­pe­cially get out of the ANZ spa­ces when the coun­cil park­ing spa­ces near­est ANZ are in use.

I was ad­vised no-one, ex­cept me, has ever raised car park space sizes as an is­sue. Well now I know there are at least two of us.

I’m not sure why the coun­cil goes through the mo­tions of adopt­ing stan­dards, other than that pre­sum­ably it jus­ti­fies a need for coun­cil­lors and man­agers to visit other coun­cils in New Zealand, or even bet­ter, over­seas.

The coun­cil has adopted in­ter­na­tional stan­dard on speed bumps/humps, the Watts Pro­file, but doesn’t com­ply with the pro­file/tar­get speed mea­sures, sig­nage, light­ing or road mark­ing com­po­nents of the stan­dard. If you want to see good com­pli­ance with car park spac­ing and speed bump stan­dards and su­pe­rior road and foot­path main­te­nance, visit the Kapiti Coast.

Coun­cil­lors think re­duc­ing the num­ber of Cob­ham Court car park spa­ces by 29 is a good idea,

be­cause the re­main­ing spa­ces will have park­ing me­ters to in­crease turnover and re­duce stays. How does that help CBD busi­nesses to at­tract cus­tomers?

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