‘Bru­tal’ Colo­nial Knob tests win­ner


Ti­tahi Bay ath­lete Angus Hul­meMoir over­came de­hy­dra­tion and a throb­bing headache to win the vet­er­ans’ sec­tion of this year’s gru­elling Grand Tra­verse.

Hulme-Moir, 48, suc­cess­fully de­fended his over-40s crown on April 3.

He sweated though Whi­tireia Coastal Park, across Porirua Har­bour and pri­vate coastal farm­lands, and along pur­pose­built moun­tain­bike trails at Ran­gi­tuhi/Colo­nial Knob to re­tain his ti­tle.

Hulme-Moir was happy with a time of 4h 25min, which made him the third fastest man over­all, though he was still a fair way be­hind win­ner Daniel Jones’ time of 3h 44min.

The 18km moun­tain run over Colo­nial Knob and along Welling­ton’s rugged western coast­line was bru­tal, Hulme-Moir said.

He no­ticed a run­ner ahead of him hit the wall – ‘‘it can kill at the best of times’’.

The hard up­hill slogs – af­ter hav­ing kayaked for 10km and cy­cled for 24km – were ‘‘beau­ti­ful but gru­elling, or should that be gru­elling but beau­ti­ful’’.

Hulme-Moir said he trained hard for the race, but was feel­ing ner­vous and sick on the day, so he kept his break­fast to a ba­nana with muesli.

He ‘‘stuffed my hy­dra­tion’’ by not tak­ing in enough wa­ter and had a throb­bing headache by the end.

Women’s cat­e­gory win­ner Lizzy Bunck­en­burg of John­sonville, who was timed at 4h 49min, said by the time she got to the run she was ‘‘just sur­viv­ing re­ally’’.

Nor­mally it might have been her strong­est sec­tion, but a bro­ken foot more than three years ago re­stricted her to main­te­nance run­ning and she ad­mit­ted to strug­gling.

‘‘I pushed re­ally hard on the bike,’’ she said, ‘‘so my legs were just dead on the run and my foot was pretty sore. I spent the whole race wait­ing for some­one to pass me.’’

The Grand Tra­verse, now in its 11th year, drew more than 850 par­tic­i­pants, in­clud­ing Ti­tahi Bay mother and daugh­ter, Katie and Mil­lie Jenk­ins, who won the women’s and school­girls’ ti­tles.

Angus Hulme-Moir rides to vic­tory in the vet­eran cat­e­gory of the 2016 Porirua Grand Tra­verse.

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