In­truder caught on cam­era


He broke in, pat­ted the dog, had a shower, robbed the house and was caught on cam­era.

When the Wellington fam­ily ar­rived home on Thurs­day night an open bot­tle of milk next to a blar­ing tele­vi­sion was the first clue all was not well in their house.

The Watkins fam­ily had se­cu­rity cam­eras in­stalled and when they re­viewed the footage they watched in hor­ror when at about 1.30pm a man smashed a win­dow of their Tawa home and climbed into their home.

A fam­ily mem­ber said hor­ror then turned to dis­be­lief when the next im­ages showed two po­lice of­fi­cers and a dog walk­ing straight past the bro­ken win­dow.

‘‘We couldn’t be­lieve they didn’t no­tice a bro­ken win­dow right be­side them,’’ she said. ’’We could see the man stand­ing by the win­dow watch­ing them.’’

When her lit­tle brother ar­rived home from school at 4.30pm on Wed­nes­day he knew some­thing wasn’t right.

‘‘My dad put cam­eras all through our house and he (the of­fender) was all over them.

‘‘We saw him climb through the win­dow.’’

She said cam­era footage showed the man mak­ing him­self some­thing to eat, watch­ing tele­vi­sion and drink­ing from a bot­tle of juice.

‘‘We watched him pat­ting our dog and cat, then he got my Mum’s hair dye and dyed his hair and then wiped it on my Dad’s shirt.

‘‘He had a shower and put my Dad’s pants on and stuck my lit­tle brother’s sun­glasses on his head.’’

Af­ter more than an hour at the prop­erty, the man left with the keys to the fam­ily’s sil­ver-gold Nis­san Max­ima and ‘‘an arm­load of stuff’’ and drove off.

Watkins said the po­lice were called about the robbery at 4.30pm on Thurs­day, but didn’t ar­rive un­til 9.15am on Fri­day to take fin­ger­prints.

A neigh­bour said the po­lice were in the area at 1.30pm tracking a man ‘‘match­ing the de­scrip­tion of the one who robbed the house’’.

‘‘He’d stolen some jeans from Dress­mart and a po­lice dog tracked him ... but the dog lost his scent.’’

On Mon­day morn­ing po­lice couldn’t con­firm if any­one had been ar­rested for the robbery, but said they were fol­low­ing ‘‘good lines of in­ves­ti­ga­tion.’’

The in­truder was caught on cam­eras the fam­ily had in­stalled in the house.

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