Achiev­ing a fit­ness goal


Pick a New Year’s res­o­lu­tion to im­prove your fit­ness - for the sake of your health and hap­pi­ness - and then hold your­self ac­count­able to achieve your goal.

Here are some tips to help you on your jour­ney: Ad­just your out­look. Choose a fit­ness goal for the sake of your over­all well­be­ing – don’t look at a fit­ness goal as sim­ply a weight-loss mis­sion.

Ex­er­cise is proven to help combat de­pres­sion. It up­lifts your mood.

Iden­tify things that get in the way of your train­ing.

For ex­am­ple, if you are addicted to your phone, then make a rule that you can’t go on this de­vice un­til you have fin­ished train­ing.

Or lock the screen dur­ing the pe­ri­ods you plan to ex­er­cise. It can be your re­ward to use it af­ter­wards!

En­ter an event like Cigna Round the Bays on Fe­bru­ary 19. It will mo­ti­vate you to step up your fit­ness for a spe­cific goal.

Con­nect with oth­ers on so­cial me­dia who can mo­ti­vate you.

Find your ‘‘tribe’’ – or, as I call them ‘‘soul sis­ters’’.

Fol­low me on Facebook @In­spiredHealthNZ and In­sta­gram @in­spired­healthand­fit­ness.

I love con­nect­ing with other Ki­wis who are in­spired to live a health­ier life.

Also, join the #STEPITUPNZ com­mu­nity for in­spi­ra­tion if you are do­ing the Round the Bays event.

Tell friends, fam­ily and col­leagues about your fit­ness goal. You can mo­ti­vate each other and hold each other ac­count­able.

Set con­se­quences if you fail to turn up to train­ing.

For in­stance you could do­nate to char­ity if you are a ‘no show’ at train­ing.

I know some­one who writes a cheque to their trainer for months in ad­vance so they are mo­ti­vated

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