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It is re­ally sad read­ing all the let­ters re­lat­ing to cars, white­baiters and oth­ers, on the Waikanae River Es­tu­ary. Driv­ing along the beach, through the Ka¯piti Ma­rine Re­serve into the Waikanae Es­tu­ary Sci­en­tific Re­serve is il­le­gal. There is no way it can be jus­ti­fied.

I am a lo­cal who is down on the beach and es­tu­ary al­most every day.

While down there I weed around the shrubs, pick up rub­bish, check my preda­tor traps and gen­er­ally look out for the area.

It breaks my heart to see the dam­age the cars are do­ing. I know all the lo­cals hate see­ing the cars on the beach.

The es­tu­ary is a na­tion­ally im­por­tant bird sanc­tu­ary.

A large num­ber of birds fre­quent the area and breed in the dunes.

Sadly, it is easy to see car tracks right through the best nest­ing ar­eas.

Cars, out of con­trol dogs and birds do not mix.

I have been in­volved in dis­cus­sions with the Welling­ton Con­ser­va­tion Board, DOC and KCDC to try and get the law en­forced. Sadly, no­body has been brave enough to do this. Mr Turver and his friends ob­vi­ously go down onto the re­serve with blink­ers on.

They do not see the large amount of work DOC, KCDC and the Care Group have done to con­trol the large ar­eas of gorse, black­berry, lupins and weeds that used to be in the re­serves around the es­tu­ary. A very large num­ber of shrubs have been planted in the dunes and around the es­tu­ary.

It is an on-go­ing ef­fort but it is hav­ing a ma­jor ben­e­fi­cial ef­fect.

I sug­gest the white­baiters who use cars on the beach join one of the many con­ser­va­tion and restora­tion groups that are ac­tive in Horowhenua, on the Ka¯piti Coast or Welling­ton to be part of the ef­fort to en­hance, not de­stroy, our en­vi­ron­ment.


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