Let­tuces from seed

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You will need :

• A shal­low con­tainer (you could re­cy­cle a tomato pun­net from the su­per­mar­ket)

• Black Magic seed rais­ing mix

• Seeds

• La­bels and a pen­cil

• Spray bot­tle for wa­ter (an old bath­room cleaner spray bot­tle is fine but be sure to clean it out first!)

1 Fill your con­tainer with seed rais­ing mix, press down gen­tly and make a smooth even sur­face.

2 Wa­ter gen­tly and leave to drain.

3 Write out la­bels for each type of let­tuce you are go­ing to sow.

4 Sprin­kle seeds over the seed rais­ing mix.

5 Lightly cover seeds with a very fine layer of mix. Note: Lit­tle seeds like let­tuce barely need cov­er­ing.

6 Wa­ter the seeds us­ing a fine mist spray bot­tle and place them in a warm, shel­tered spot.

7 Spray with wa­ter when the sur­face starts to look a lit­tle dry, keep­ing the mix moist but not soak­ing wet.

8 When the sec­ond set of leaves ap­pears, trans­plant your seedlings (or pull some out) to give them more space to grow. Note: The very first leaves are called ‘cotyle­dons’. They’re not ac­tual leaves, but parts of the seed. The ‘true’ leaves come next.

9 When your seedlings are grow­ing strongly and there are no more frosts, you can plant them out into the gar­den. But be­fore you do, it’s a good idea to get them used to the cold by mov­ing them to a cool spot with only half-day sun. This is called ‘hard­en­ing off’.


Cov­er­ing seeds with news­pa­per and plas­tic wrap helps pro­tect them from dry­ing out. Check ev­ery day and re­move the cover once they ger­mi­nate.

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