A globe that grows

Here’s a week­end project you can do with Mum or Dad. It’s a colour­ful ball of plants to hang in your gar­den - like a planet float­ing in space!

Kids Go Gardening - - Autumn -


- Two match­ing hang­ing bas­kets with co­conut fiFIbre lin­ings - Plas­tic ca­ble ties - Pot­ting mix with slow re­lease fer­tiliser. - Small plants - A wooden board or heavy card­board - Screw­driver or knife - An adult to help 1 Re­move the chains from your bas­kets, place the lin­ers in­side, and fill both bas­kets with pot­ting mix all the way to the top. 2 Place the board on top of one bas­ket and have an adult help you place it up­side down on top of the other bas­ket. Check that the bas­kets are lined up with each other be­fore care­fully slid­ing the board out while one per­son holds the bas­kets. 3 Tie the bas­kets firmly to­gether with the ca­ble ties, then trim the ties.

4 Tak­ing care with the screw­driver, make holes in the liner just big enough so you can plant your suc­cu­lents snug­gly into the pot­ting mix. Keep the hole as small as you can so that the pot­ting mix and plant won’t fall out but make sure the roots are well cov­ered by pot­ting mix. Keep fill­ing your ball, evenly spac­ing your plants all over. 5 Keep plant­ing un­til the globe is full. This takes time and pa­tience, so it’s a good job for a team! 6 At­tach a hanger to the top of your ball. Al­ter­na­tively, in­stead of hang­ing your ball you could sit it on a stand, such as an up­turned pot. 7 Now all you have to do is watch it grow. Wa­ter ev­ery week or two in warm weather. In win­ter suc­cu­lents don’t need wa­ter­ing at all.

Kacy chose colour­ful suc­cu­lents for her globe. Suc­cu­lents are ideal be­cause they sur­vive with barely any wa­ter. You might have some al­ready grow­ing in your gar­den. Low grow­ing plants with tightly packed leaves are best.

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