Flow­ers from Seed

Kids Go Gardening - - Autumn -

It’s amaz­ing how a tiny lit­tle seed can grow into a beau­ti­ful flow­er­ing plant. One packet of seeds gives you heaps of flow­ers! Sow them in seed trays or re­cy­cled con­tain­ers that are 6-7cm deep with drainage holes in the bot­tom. 1 Fill your con­tainer with seed rais­ing mix. 2 Wa­ter with a wa­ter­ing can or soft shower hose noz­zle and wait for it to drain. 3

For big seeds: use a pen­cil to make a hole in the mix that’s about twice the depth of the seed, cover it over and press down gen­tly.

For tiny seeds: Take a pinch of seeds be­tween two fin­gers and sprin­kle over the mix. 4 Cover with fine layer of mix. Do not cover very tiny seeds. Wa­ter with a fine mist spray. Keep the seed rais­ing mix moist (not wet) while you wait for the seeds to ger­mi­nate. You should see the first leaves in one to two weeks. Some seeds take longer than oth­ers. 5 When your plants are about 10cm high or have their se­cond set of leaves, it’s time to plant them into the gar­den or big­ger pots.

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