How to make a mini suc­cu­lent gar­den

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–- Any• con­tainer with drainage holes in the bot­tom (it DOESN, T need to be very deep be­cause suc­cu­lents have shal­low roots). –- Suc­cu­lents –- Suc­cu­lent pot­ting mix. –- Course sand or pumice. 1 Fill your con­tainer with pot­ting mix. 2 Add a 1cm layer of sand or pumice. 3 Plant your suc­cu­lents snugly into the mix. Use a chop­stick to poke holes for cut­tings and gen­tly push them in. 4 Fin­ish off with a sand or pumice layer and add dec­o­ra­tions like stones or coloured mar­bles.

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