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1. Which car com­pany spon­sors the A-league foot­ball com­pe­ti­tion? 2. In the dairy in­dus­try, what is the first day of June known as?

3. Which his­toric New Zealand bat­tle­ground took its name from a gate which marked the bound­ary be­tween Maori and Euro­pean land?

4. Elizabeth Ben­net is the cen­tral char­ac­ter in which clas­sic novel?

5. Which English-speak­ing coun­try has a par­lia­ment called the Oireach­tas?

6. Toy maker the Lego Group is based in which coun­try?

7. We call it a pullover or jersey. What do Amer­i­cans call it?

8. Which sport­ing code was es­tab­lished in 1895 as a re­sult of a dis­pute over pay­ments for play­ers?

9. In Italy, who or what is La Stampa?

10. A prosthodon­tist works on which part of the body?

AN­SWERS: 1. Hyundai; 2. Gypsy Day; 3. Gate Pa¯; 4. Pride and Prej­u­dice; 5. Ire­land; 6. Den­mark; 7. A sweater; 8. Rugby league; 9. A news­pa­per; 10. The teeth.

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