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If you are a lifestyler or have a block of land out of town run­ning cat­tle or deer – an­i­mals for which you are re­spon­si­ble – you will have obli­ga­tions un­der the Na­tional An­i­mal Iden­ti­fi­ca­tion and Trac­ing scheme, set to be­come manda­tory for cat­tle from July 1 this year.

Deer join the scheme from March 2013.

‘‘While com­mer­cial beef, dairy and deer farm­ers are largely up to speed with what the NAIT scheme is about, anec­do­tal ev­i­dence tells us that not all lifestylers are,’’ said NAIT chief ex­ec­u­tive Rus­sell Burnard.

‘‘Lifestylers have an im­por­tant role in the suc­cess of the NAIT scheme even though the num­ber of cat­tle and deer on life­style blocks is rel­a­tively small.’’

The NAIT scheme will pro­vide re­li­able up-to-date in­for­ma­tion on in­di­vid­ual an­i­mal sites and move­ments. To be able to trace an­i­mals that may be at risk in the event of a biose­cu­rity threat, the scheme’s cen­tral data­base needs to have a record of all an­i­mals.

‘‘The NAIT scheme will im­prove New Zealand’s re­sponse in the event of a biose­cu­rity threat and help our abil­ity to re­sume trade quickly. This will help pro­tect New Zealand’s rep­u­ta­tion in over­seas mar­kets,’’ Mr Burnard said. you can do this now.

Get your NAIT num­ber by reg­is­ter­ing your­self and your farm or prop­erty with NAIT – you can do this from next month.

Reg­is­ter cat­tle and deer with NAIT – you will be able to do this from July.

Record all off-farm move­ments of cat­tle with NAIT – you can start do­ing this from July.

Record all deaths and losses of cat­tle or deer with NAIT – you can start do­ing this from July.

Once NAIT be­comes manda­tory any cat­tle or deer lifestylers and farm­ers buy should have NAIT- ap­proved RFID tags and an of­fi­cial sec­ondary tag.

Peo­ple re­spon­si­ble for cat­tle and deer on life­style blocks and farms will need to record any off-farm cat­tle move­ments with NAIT, un­less they are to a NAITac­cred­ited meat pro­ces­sor or a Nait-ac­cred­ited sale yard.

Lifestylers and farm­ers are now able to buy Nait-ap­proved RFID ear tags from usual ru­ral ser­vices sup­pli­ers.

For calves and fawns born from now on, a Nait-ap­proved RFID ear tag can be used as the pri­mary tag for all off-farm an­i­mal move­ments, other than to slaugh­ter.

For ex­ist­ing stock, a NAITap­proved RFID ear tag can now be used as an op­tional pri­mary tag for an­i­mals of all ages to en­sure com­pli­ance when the NAIT scheme be­comes manda­tory in July. An ap­proved sec­ondary tag is also re­quired.

Tag­ging cat­tle and deer with Nait-ap­proved ra­dio fre­quency iden­ti­fi­ca­tion de­vice ear tags and reg­is­ter­ing these an­i­mals with NAIT. Tag­ging has been un­der way on a vol­un­tary ba­sis for more than two years with about 40 per cent of New Zealand’s na­tional cat­tle and deer herd (4.5 mil­lion an­i­mals) al­ready tagged with Nait-ap­proved ear tags.

Reg­is­ter­ing places where cat­tle and deer are kept with NAIT, to­gether with the con­tact de­tails of the per­son in charge of the an­i­mals cre­ates a NAIT num­ber which will be used as the iden­ti­fier for an­i­mal move­ments. Farm­ers and lifestylers will be able to start reg­is­ter­ing on a vol­un­tary ba­sis from Fe­bru­ary 2012.

Record­ing the move­ments of in­di­vid­ual an­i­mals from one site to an­other and re­port­ing to NAIT all deaths, losses or ex­ports of live cat­tle or deer to NAIT. Once the NAIT leg­is­la­tion is passed, farm­ers and lifestylers who man­age cat­tle will need to do this from July 1, 2012.

Farm­ers, lifestylers and any­one in charge of cat­tle or deer will ei­ther be able to ful­fil the reg­is­tra­tion and re­port­ing func­tions of the NAIT scheme them­selves, or will have the op­tion to del­e­gate some or all of their NAIT obli­ga­tions to NAITac­cred­ited or­gan­i­sa­tions such as farm man­age­ment com­pa­nies, sa­le­yards, and meat pro­ces­sors.

For many, move­ment record­ing will be done for them by these or­gan­i­sa­tions. For ex­am­ple, it is es­ti­mated that 80 per cent of beef cat­tle move­ments are to sa­le­yards and meat pro­ces­sors.

MANDA­TORY TAGS: The small white disc-shaped tag in the ear of this young cat­tle beast will be­come manda­tory from July 1.

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