In­ter­sec­tion de­bate leads to round­about

Last week we asked these ques­tions on the Chron­i­cle Face­book page: Do you think the in­ter­sec­tion at Firth Street and Farm­ers Road is dan­ger­ous? Have you ever had a near miss? Would the in­stal­la­tion of lights or a round­about make an im­prove­ment?

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change. And since the new give­way rules have been in place, the screech of brakes each day has in­creased. I don’t think a round­about would be the most ef­fec­tive way to deal with the traf­fic, es­pe­cially dur­ing school hours. Lights would be more ef­fec­tive. But ei­ther way, the cross­ing needs to be moved away from the cor­ner.

– Sounds like a sim­ple lack of driver ed­u­ca­tion and peo­ple look­ing for the quick easy so­lu­tion at the ex­pense of the tax/rate payer’s pocket. How many years has it been that way and now it’s an is­sue?

– ‘‘Dutch’’ round­about be good but there would have to be sig­nif­i­cant changes to be able to make it fit.

– Um yes lived down Farm­ers Rd years ago for years. I think ev­ery one of my fam­ily mem­bers has been in a wreck right there.

– Bug­ger it, put a fly-over in, haha.

– For a start the pedes­trian cross­ing needs to be shifted back fur­ther and not be so close to the in­ter­sec­tion. Yes a round­about could be a good so­lu­tion. – Round­about.

– I think the pedes­trian cross­ing there is stupid. When you fi­nally get a chance to get across the road clearly, a pile of col­lege kids am­ble slowly over.

– Yep, was just go­ing to men­tion the pedes­trian cross­ing, the one on Farm­ers Rd is too close, I know a few times I’ve waited to turn into Farm­ers Rd, and fi­nally get around, and am forced into a quick stop by kids who pop out be­hind a car.

– A good un­der­stand­ing of the road code and a bit of pa­tience is all that’s needed. Not thou­sands of dol­lars on a round­about. But the pedes­trian cross­ing def­i­nitely needs to be moved.

– I agree, un­der­stand the road rules – ‘‘stop’’ trumps ‘‘give way’’ what­ever the give-way ve­hi­cle is do­ing. Also I think the pedes­trian cross­ing on Farm­ers Rd is far too close to the in­ter­sec­tion.

– How about the pedes­trian cross­ing by head­stones on Broad­way – needs to be moved as well as Farm­ers Rd?!

– Round­about all

the way!

– I hate that in­ter­sec­tion and avoid it at all costs, es­pe­cially turn­ing right com­ing out of Farm­ers or right com­ing out of Firth or go­ing straight through when it’s busy. Most times I’ve been stuck there, all the other drivers seem to have the same dumb look on their faces as me as to who’s al­lowed to go when. Col­lege start and fin­ish times are a night­mare too. A round­about would solve so many prob­lems and no-one would have to sit there scratch­ing their heads about the road code ei­ther.

– Round-


– This was dis­cussed more than 30 years ago too! Noth­ing ever re­ally got done. There was talk of tak­ing some of the land from that house on the cor­ner to help re­design the in­ter­sec­tion.

– It’s been brought up be­fore. We used to live on Farm­ers Road and it can be a headache. I avoid that in­ter­sec­tion, be­cause some peo­ple don’t look at the road signs and re­alise there is a stop sign com­ing from Farm­ers Rd. One day a car in front of me was turn­ing right us­ing the give-way sign and the car us­ing the stop sign starts com­ing across the road. They slam on their brakes and re­verse back on to Farm­ers Rd. When it was clear I pulled out turn­ing right, us­ing the give-way sign and they start com­ing to­wards me. I had to stop, they stopped and I gave her the hand sig­nal to re­verse. She was mouthing some­thing, but twice in a row lady, hope­fully she learnt how to read road signs.

– When I was in high school I nearly got hit by a car on the pedes­trian cross­ing and had to quickly grab my mate. I think a round­about would work.

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