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It has been re­ported that the mayor has said: ‘‘we have lis­tened to the feed­back we have re­ceived from the com­mu­nity and have re­moved some projects from our pro­posed plan’’.

‘‘In­cluded in the re­moval was the pro­posed (pan tax). This has been re­placed by a fairer way to charge, while still mak­ing sure high users are pay­ing their share.’’

How­ever it does ap­pear to the writer that all ratepay­ers are sub­si­dis­ing a ser­vice pro­vided by our coun­cil that is pro­duc­ing some amount of waste wa­ter.

On any given day up to 10 and more tourist buses can be seen parked by the He­tana St toi­lets.

Can the mayor please tell the ratepay­ers why th­ese peo­ple who are us­ing the toi­lets are not pay­ing a waste wa­ter charge?

It would ap­pear that it is very easy for our coun­cil to give money away to non­core ac­tiv­i­ties but find it too dif­fi­cult to charge peo­ple who use our ser­vices that af­fect our core ac­tiv­i­ties.

It looks as though it is far eas­ier to up the rate de­mand and let the ratepay­ers pay. animal lover I would be hor­ri­fied to see any animal trapped and suf­fer­ing and try­ing to es­cape. It is in­hu­mane in my opin­ion to use th­ese glue traps in­stead of the usual mouse­traps that usu­ally kill in­stantly.

I think no-one should be al­lowed to sell th­ese glue traps es­pe­cially th­ese shops that ob­vi­ously don’t care who buys them as long as they make a few dol­lars with­out an ounce of hu­man­ity.

If we see th­ese glue traps in a shop we should at least make our con­cerns known to the sell­ers.

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