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En­sure all doors and win­dows are closed when the heat pump is on.

Turn­ing the unit to a higher or lower set­ting will not make it heat or cool faster, this will only waste en­ergy Don’t let the heat build up and then try to cool the room quickly.

It is more ef­fi­cient to start the unit ear­lier in the day and let it cool grad­u­ally and main­tain the tem­per­a­ture.

If cold weather is forecast, have the timer bring the room up to tem­per­a­ture ear­lier.

The air sur­round­ing the out­door unit can some­times frost up and the heat pump may have to de­frost, this will cause cool air to fil­ter through the unit. If it seizes leave the unit on even when not at home but turn it down to keep your home warm.

Keep the area in front of the unit clear to al­low good air flow.

Clean fil­ters monthly to en­sure your unit can work to its high­est abil­ity. sum­mer means that you can use your ap­pli­ance all year round. De­hu­mid­i­fies for a dry and healthy home. Quiet, clean and safe run – no ash or smoke, no hot sur­faces or pi­lot flames.

Fil­ters the air re­mov­ing dust and dirt – some models have ex­tra fil­ters that are suit­able for asth­mat­ics. Non-com­bustible gas in event of a leak. Most models have timers that al­low the unit to switch off or on.

New R410A gas is en­vi­ron­men­tally friendly and highly ef­fi­cient.

Heat pumps are very quiet as the mo­tor is out­side (all noisy com­po­nents are in the ex­te­rior unit) and are fully in­su­lated and weath­er­proof.

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