Farm­ers are pawns of the ur­ban vote

Matamata Chronicle - - Rural Delivery - By STEW WADEY

Looks like an­other dry sum­mer for pas­toral live­stock farm­ers to man­age, four dry sum­mers in the last six.

But we should have honed our man­age­ment prac­tices to adapt to this drought chal­lenge.

Mid-Fe­bru­ary had evap­o­tran­spi­ra­tion higher than this same time last year. With cur­rent soil tem­per­a­ture 20 de­grees Cel­sius-plus our pas­ture mois­ture deficits can be read­ily ob­served.

Hu­mid­ity is in­creas­ing so fa­cial eczema spores will be also ris­ing rapidly.

Agri­cul­tural con­trac­tors have been do­ing green feed maize for clients in need of sup­ple­men­tary feed for stock, PKE, bay­lage, hay and com­pound feed trucks are also eas­ily ob­served on our roads do­ing on farm de­liv­ery.

The New Zealand po­lit­i­cal scene, both cen­tral and lo­cal govern­ment should be of im­por­tant in­ter­est to pri­mary agri­cul­tural pro­duc­ers.

The gen­eral elec­tion process ap­pears in top gear, Kim Dot­com must be the hap­pi­est pre­cip­i­tant of brand pro­mo­tion at no cost!

Se­nior politi­cians of their re­spec­tive par­ties have been iden­ti­fied to have been to see Mr Dot­com, not to so­licit I sug­gest for fund­ing in re­turn for sup­port in le­gal is­sues.

But in my opin­ion plead with him not to reg­is­ter a po­lit­i­cal party un­der MMP.

It is gen­eral knowl­edge that he could have a sig­nif­i­cant po­ten­tial mem­ber­ship and sub­stan­tially fund a con­stituency seat MP chal­lenge for a wannabe or a dis­en­fran­chised present Mem­ber of Par­lia­ment, re­sult­ing in pos­si­bly four list and one con­stituency seat.

Why I write this is ru­ral folk are pawns in the gen­eral elec­tion process, with only about 10 per cent of the na­tional vote pool, so in re­al­ity ur­ban vot­ers will de­cide who gov­erns New Zealand.

Our sig­nif­i­cance to the well­be­ing of New Zealand de­mands re­spect from all who are elected to ad­min­is­ter the af­fairs of our coun­try.

Fed­er­ated Farm­ers is A po­lit­i­cal, so we take in­ter­est in the im­por­tance of good lead­er­ship in our po­lit­i­cal scene.

The lo­cal govern­ment scene will see Mata­mataPi­ako District Coun­cil and Waikato Re­gional Coun­cil draft plans out shortly for con­sul­ta­tion.

The heads up in­di­cate both have is­sues that farm­ers need to be very cir­cum­spect of in re­spect of their farm­ing busi­ness.

Re­gional coun­cil­lors, Stu Hus­band and Hugh Ver­coe have asked me to ar­range a meet­ing of farm­ers in our district as they be­lieve you need to know some of the ram­i­fi­ca­tions, if the present draft plan be­comes op­er­a­tive.

Fed­er­ated Farm­ers New Zealand’s Na­tional Board Pres­i­dent Bruce Wills re­tires in July af­ter, in my opin­ion, three good lead­er­ship years of lob­by­ing for farm­ers at the high­est level.

The fed­er­a­tion is blessed with high cal­i­bre present mem­bers of the na­tional board to step up.

Leading con­tes­tants will be Dr Wil­liam Rolle­ston and An­ders Cro­foot but cur­rent na­tional chair­woman of Meat and Fi­bre Janette Maxwell has, by virtue of ob­served com­pe­tence earned the right to be nudged to con­sider con­test­ing the po­si­tion of na­tional vice pres­i­dent.

Also cur­rent chief ex­ec­u­tive Conor English re­signs at na­tional con­fer­ence in July.

Only one advertisement for that po­si­tion so far, al­ready sev­eral very com­pe­tent ex­pres­sions of in­ter­est I un­der­stand.

It has not gone un­no­ticed that the Com­merce Com­mis­sion have taken to task sev­eral trad­ing banks, in re­la­tion to the Fair Trad­ing Act over their pro­mo­tion of the lend­ing in­stru­ment known as SWAPS.

The Com­mis­sion in me­dia news are aware also of bank­ing of­fi­cers pro­mot­ing and sell­ing this loan in­stru­ment.

If it goes to the High Court, then those of­fi­cers names will ob­vi­ously be pub­lic knowl­edge.

Sev­eral farm­ing fam­i­lies have gone to the wall, be­cause they were not made aware of the not so good obli­ga­tions that can arise from what they signed into.

What was that song lyric: ‘‘Lis­ten to the sound of the fall­ing rain!’’.

Stew Wadey Mata­mata Fed­er­ated Farm­ers chair

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