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When your berries have fin­ished fruiting for the sea­son, they’ll send out long ten­ta­cles from the crown, with a tuft of green­ery at the end. Peg down these run­ners in loose soil around your plants and they’ll soon de­velop roots. Or bury re­cy­cled plant pots around your strawberry patch and peg run­ners into the pots, so that when they’re es­tab­lished you can sim­ply snip off the um­bil­i­cal cord­like run­ners and grow the rooted plants on prior to trans­plant­ing early next spring. Prop­a­gat­ing straw­ber­ries from run­ners means you can re­ju­ve­nate your berry beds at no cost; re­place a third of your older plants each year.

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