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are in­creased. • In­creased ther­mal sta­bil­ity. Us­ing Gulf Western’s ex­tra zinc lu­bri­cants will re­sult in a mea­sur­able re­duc­tion in en­gine wear, in­creased en­gine life and in­creased fuel econ­omy. What is zinc? Zinc is a pow­er­ful anti-wear ad­di­tive that is found in all mod­ern pas­sen­ger car en­gine oil.

How is Gulf Western’s range of ex­tra zinc dif­fer­ent?

Gulf Western’s range of ex­tra zinc en­gine oils have been sci­en­tif­i­cally for­mu­lated with ex­tra zinc, so sim­ply put – they add an ad­di­tional 30 per­cent to the api ap­proved for­mu­la­tion. Are all zincs the same? No, there are many dif­fer­ent types of zincs. gulf west­erns chemists have worked in con­junc­tion with ad­di­tive engi­neers to de­velop a unique blend of se­condary-pri­mary alkyl dithio­phos­phate zinc that of­fers ad­vanced pro­tec­tion across wide tem­per­a­ture and load ranges.

Why can’t ex­tra zinc be added to all my oils?

Many oils, par­tic­u­larly when be­ing used in cars fit­ted with diesel par­tic­u­late fil­ters (DPF’s) have very strict lim­its on sul­phated ash. adding more zinc can cause some oils to not meet strict en­vi­ron­men­tal lim­its. Prod­ucts that will be zinc en­hanced are Pre­mium en­ergy 10W-30 semisyn­thetic (#30032), and SYN-X 3000 10W-40 semi-syn­thetic (#30037).

How does zinc pro­tect against en­gine wear?

Many dif­fer­ent types of ZDDP ad­di­tives ex­ist in­clud­ing se­condary and pri­mary (most com­monly used in en­gine oils). These dif­fer­ent types of zinc have dif­fer­ent activation thresh­olds. Zinc is not a lubri­cant un­til the ZDDP re­acts un­der heat and load to cre­ate a phos­phate glass film that pro­tects the metal sur­face.

Zinc is a po­lar mol­e­cule, so it is at­tracted to steel sur­faces. Un­der heat and load, the zinc re­acts to form a phos­phate glass film that pro­tects the steel sur­face by cre­at­ing a film be­tween two metal sur­faces.

Gulf Western’s zinc en­hanced en­gine oils have been for­mu­lated with pri­mary and se­condary zinc ad­di­tives to en­sure com­plete pro­tec­tion across a wide range of activation thresh­olds. this means you are get­ting added pro­tec­tion from the mo­ment you start your en­gine all the way up to and in­clud­ing op­er­at­ing tem­per­a­ture.

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