Toy­ota Hilux SR5 Cruiser $55,590

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And so to the lat­est Hilux model to be launched here, the SR5 Cruiser. The new ‘Cruiser sits above the SR5, re­places the out­go­ing SR5 Limited in Toy­ota New Zealand’s 21-strong 2018 Hilux range and is im­me­di­ately dis­tin­guished by a new front end an­chored by a larger main (up­per) grille, re­vised front bumper and LED fog lights combo. The new front is com­ple­mented by 18-inch gloss metal­lic black al­loy wheels with 265/60 tyres, black door mir­rors, door han­dles, and new black rear bumper. There’s also been a bit of an in­te­rior up­grade with black per­fo­rated, leather ac­cented up­hol­stery used through­out, in­clud­ing into the pil­lars and roof lin­ing. The front seats are also both heated and the driver’s is elec­tri­cally ad­justable fore and aft and for height and back an­gle. The ‘Cruiser also has a new in­stru­ment clus­ter with a re­vised speedo and rev counter off-set with pi­ano black or­na­men­ta­tion to re­place the sil­ver high­lights of the out­go­ing SR5 Limited model. Which is all very well, but the key, for me any­way, sell­ing point of any of the lat­est model Hiluxes is the im­prove­ment in rear ride qual­ity. Gone is the stiff ver­ti­cal kick over sharp ridges, in its place a com­pli­ance born out of a whole­sale change in rear leaf spring ori­en­ta­tion and rel­a­tive rates. Ride is still firm, laden as well as un­laden, but it is no longer a deal-breaker. Nor, from feed­back from my ute-own­ing/mtb-rid­ing mates, is the way the thing looks. The new front end treat­ment has cer­tainly given the ‘Cruiser some at­ti­tude, and, I guess if that’s what it takes to claw back sales from Ford, Holden et al, then it was worth do­ing.

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