New Zealand Listener - - DIVERSIONS - by David Toss­man

Clues across

4. Groomed, as a mis­tress is when get­ting mar­ried in­side (5) 6. Dark fur has suf­ficed on the out­side for the in­ca­pac­i­tated (8) 9. Act in a com­i­cal man­ner with a sleep­ing bag (7) 10. Car­riage takes drunken sot into un­sul­lied sur­round­ings (7) 11. Bet on diary show­ing an ac­cu­mu­la­tion of work (7) 12. Ar­rive car­ry­ing right no­tice for fel­low mem­ber of the Party (7) 13. Sup­port an­cient name be­ing abused (11) 18. Go­ing back into the bidet area you will find it has been sup­plied with oxy­gen (7) 20. I re­tain dis­po­si­tion and in­cli­na­tion to re­main in­ac­tive (7) 22. What the medicine is sup­posed to do, likely in­ter­nally, is charm (7) 24. Go­rilla eats veg­eta­bles to grat­ify de­mand (7) 25. Prac­tise what the ap­peals judge does with ori­en­tal (8) 26. A cer­tain pro­por­tion – in­deed the whole mid­dle – of the speech (5)

Clues down

1. Saunter along street with bagel (6) 2. A maple syrup, for ex­am­ple, pro­duced promptly please (1,1,1,1) 3. An im­mense cloud in space is un­able to be dis­persed (6) 4. A very at­trac­tive young woman in Saskatchewan flip­ping Turk­ish take­aways (6) 5. Mother eats cod I cooked, just a small amount (7) 6. Most pleased to be re­moved from the glare (9) 7. The groom’s off­sider is un­for­tu­nately ab­sent, hav­ing grabbed mil­lions (4,3) 8. Dis­cour­age be­ing mis­in­ter­preted in the end when turn­ing up (5) 12. I danced at train­ing to be­come a pos­si­ble MP (9) 14. En­ter un­in­vited, shak­ing tin, quite ill-man­nered (7) 15. New­bie used even bits of peanut bread? Nuts! (7) 16. Cause dis­or­der with im­per­ti­nence (5) 17. Take in the view – the out­skirts of Bil­bao – from the sum­mer­house (6) 19. Ec­static to be heard hav­ing per­formed some hip-hop (6) 21. Pre­vi­ously saucy, now knowl­edge­able (6) 23. This peer is al­most ahead of his time (4)

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