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“Con­fi­tex un­der­wear gave me back my con­fi­dence.” — Adele John­son, mother of three

Ajolly good laugh or a hearty hug can help to make happy days. But for mil­lions of women sud­den bursts of vigour or joy also set off a twinge of angst. They’ve got the lit­tle wid­dle wor­ries, or to be po­lite light blad­der leak­age. That’s LBL, for short. What­ever we call it, for one in three women, in­vol­un­tary leak­age i s a reg­u­lar oc­curence. It might be just a cou­ple of drops or maybe a lit­tle more, but it’s enough to be em­bar­rass­ing and stress­ful and for some, it saps con­fi­dence and be­comes a hand­brake on ac­tive liv­ing. For many women blad­der leaks start with the birth of their first child and as they move through the mile­stones to menopause and be­yond, LBL is a tire­some lit­tle se­cret. It hap­pens be­cause a change in oe­stro­gen lev­els af­ter child­birth can weaken the pelvic floor and im­pact on blad­der con­trol. As women age, oe­stro­gen lev­els will con­tinue to de­cline and and LBL can be life-long pesky prob­lem lead­ing to an ex­pen­sive ‘pad’ habit. What­ever their age, women don’t want any lim­its on laugh­ing and danc­ing and liv­ing life. So what’s a lady to do? Set­tle for pads, di­a­pers and ‘oh no’ mo­ments or fi nd another op­tion? The so­lu­tion is the rev­o­lu­tion­ary, leakproof un­der­wear made by Con­fi­tex in New Zealand. Con­fi­tex have de­vel­oped world lead­ing tex­tile tech­nol­ogy and in­te­grated it into a stylish range of high per­for­mance, re­us­able undies that make in­con­ti­nence man­age­ment a much nicer thing. There’s a range to meet all needs from light to moder­ate or heav­ier re­quire­ments. They come in dif­fer­ent styles from un­der­stated full ba­sic briefs i n bam­boo cot­ton to fem­i­nine l acy knick­ers, so they look and feel like reg­u­lar, fash­ion­able lin­gerie. You’d never know these sleek, high tech undies had a hard work­ing, three-layer sys­tem. The fi rst layer wicks away mois­ture, the sec­ond layer ab­sorbs liq­uid and the third layer is a ro­bust wo­ven fab­ric that keeps leaks away from cloth­ing. Clever tech­nol­ogy and great de­sign keep the wearer com­fort­able, dry and odour free all day long – just like ev­ery­one else. The sassy Con­fi­tex undies are the se­cret weapon women are talk­ing about. They’re the break­through women want.

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