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Māori Tele­vi­sion shows some of the most in­ter­est­ing films on TV. On Satur­day, March 31, we turned on early be­fore the French film Jules and Jim. What we saw was by far the worst TV pro­gramme we have ever seen – WWE Raw. It fea­tured gra­tu­itous vi­o­lence cheered on by a crowd that in­cluded many chil­dren. We haven’t come far since Ro­man bear-bait­ing. G Pope (Dunedin)


While check­ing the Lis­tener pro­gramme list­ings for the week end­ing April 13, I al­most choked on my hot cross bun when I no­ticed that Seven Sharp had ap­par­ently re­verted to ex-hosts Mike Hosk­ing and Toni Street.

I hope the ex­cel­lent pair­ing of Hi­lary Barry and Jeremy Wells has not been ter­mi­nated al­ready. Myles Gir­van (Clive) Talk­back re­sponds: Our apolo­gies – old in­for­ma­tion turned up in our list­ings and we failed to no­tice. Seven Sharp’s new hosts have since been re­in­stated.


We are given to be­lieve that RNZ Na­tional and RNZ Con­cert are ad-free. But their pro­grammes are con­stantly in­ter­rupted by pro­mos. It would be nice if they re­ally were ad-free. Bernard Red­shaw (Nel­son)


Please, can some­one tell RNZ Con­cert’s Eva Radich not to in­ter­rupt her in­ter­vie­wees, so they can fin­ish what they …

And we can hear their … Norm Mur­ray (Browns Bay, Auck­land)


Hear, hear, M Carol Scott ( Talk­back, March 31).

RNZ Con­cert’s play­ing of “ex­cerpts” from great works on Clas­si­cal Con­nec­tion is what you’d ex­pect of an ea­sylis­ten­ing chan­nel.

These works were con­ceived and per­formed as a whole. To break them into frag­ments shows no re­spect for the com­posers, the per­form­ers or lis­ten­ers, who it may sur­prise the broad­caster to know have at­ten­tion spans greater than five min­utes. Brent Carls­son (Queen­stown) I sym­pa­thise with M Carol Scott. I re­mem­ber when I would lis­ten to both sides of an LP, then sagely stroke my chin and opine on what I’d just heard. But times have changed.

Mu­sic is now mainly lis­tened to via stream­ing ser­vices such as Spo­tify. We tend to pick favourite tracks, pieces or even snip­pets to en­joy be­fore mov­ing on to some­thing else, much like the for­mat of the UK’s pop­u­lar Clas­sic FM. Give in, Ms Scott, and en­joy. I love it. Wil­liam Wright (Ro­torua)

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